9 Nobel Prize 2013 are immigrants

The Nobel Prize committee finished handing out its 2013 awards. Nine went to Americans, both native and foreign born. The United States has been very successful over the years.

Since 2000, Americans have won 21 of the 37 physics prizes, 18 of the 33 medicine prizes, 22 of the 33 chemistry prizes and an astonishing 27 of the 30 economics prizes.

What’s more, Nobel laureates born in other countries often live in the United States. China, for example, has produced a grand total of nine winners in its entire history. Of those nine, seven live abroad, including three in the U.S.

There are so many Nobel Prize winners in the United States. It’s partly due to “an immigration culture that welcomed everyone from Ronald Coase from the U.K., Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar from India, Martin Kaplus from Nazi era Austria and Elizabeth Blackburn from Australia.”

While the United States is a magnet for the best minds in physics, chemistry, medicine, and economics, we shouldn’t forget that being open to people possessing all kinds of talents at any skill level is a benefit.

A study, produced by Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) earlier this year, found that comprehensive immigration reform that increases the number of visas for high and lesser skilled workers and provides undocumented workers with a path to earned legal status will improve state and national economies.

Emphasizing these benefits will be part of the message a group of business owners, religious leaders, farmers, and law enforcement will tell Congress later this month when advocating for broad reforms to America's immigration laws.

Participants in the "fly in" say they can better speak to the conservative members of the U.S. House since they share many ideals on government.

"I'm not an advocate of open borders. I'm not an advocate of blanket amnesty. I just see undocumented immigrants, who are hurting and want to contribute to their family and the system is not working for them," said Jeremy Hudson, a pastor whose Fellowship Christian Church operates in House Speaker John Boehner's Ohio district.

"Now that you don't need a lot of money to start a technology company, there are going to be a lot more entrepreneurial hubs opening up," said Gupta, whose company operates out of Chicago. "Silicon Valley is going to be replicated in Austin, in the Midwest, in Boston, in New York.

This immigration reform is going to have more impact outside, Silicon, Valley than inside it."

Welcoming talented people to live, study, and work here is quintessentially American. And as we can see, it’s also rewarding.
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