Conway missionaries legacies live on

CONWAY, AR -- The children of two Conway men, who gave their lives so others could live, remembered their legacy on this Father's Day and made plans to carry on their work.

Bert Alexander and Jack Logan were on a mission trip to Nicaragua when they were in a boating accident. While saving two Nicaraguan boys, the Conway men died. 24 hours after Alexander and Logan let go of the cooler, the two Nicaraguan boys were rescued.

The Nicaraguans traveled to Arkansas to meet the Conway families.

After a week of mission-work teaching, Alexander and Logan’s lives ended in the rough waters of Lake Nicaragua, where their legacies begin.

Garit Castillo and Cairo Farinas were in the boat that day. Farinas says, "It was horrible. It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever lived."

Twenty-one-year-old Garit talks about Alexander and Logan letting go of a small cooler four of them were clinging to after the boat tipped. They let go so Garit and his little brother could live.

Castillo says, "Jack told Bert he was too old and he wanted Bert to help the boys. He said to Bert; take care of them as long as you can."

Hours later it was too much for Alexander, who eventually let go as well knowing the boys would have a better chance of staying afloat without him.

Castillo says, "As Jack said Bert also said he loved them and kissed them. He took his white shirt off and he took his watch off also.” Castillo says Alexander gave him his watch. Castillo had it with him Sunday morning at church.

The Nicaraguan men are in Arkansas meeting the Alexander and Logan families.

Bert’s wife, Karen Alexander says, "We feel a closeness to them and we always will. We have a bond that won't ever be broken, whether we stay in touch or not. I certainly hope we stay in touch."

Jack’s wife Wanda Logan says, "I was talking to Karen and she said it was a healing time to talk with the boys and they got information they didn't get from others, it was straight."

The children of the Conway men are already planning to carry on their legacies and plan mission work in Nicaragua. Bert’s son, Parks Alexander says, “My father has made the ultimate investment in that community so I feel obliged to continue to build relationships there."

Alan Logan, Jack’s son says, "It was important to him so now it's important to us now just being where he was and seeing what he was seeing."

Jack’s son Rusty Logan says, "He loved doing mission work. I know it'll carry on through this church."

Ashley Martinez, Bert's Daughter, says, "How the whole tragedy is being used and how God is working through them to spread the gospel down there. It was an international story, that's his legacy. What more could a man ask for?"

Fellowship Bible Church Pastor Jim Wilson says the group was fishing on Lake Nicaragua, which is equivalent in size to one of America's Great Lakes. Wilson spent the week with Alexander, Logan and others teaching Nicaraguan pastors and students how to lead churches. Wilson came home last weekend and Alexander and Logan stayed behind to fish.

The local pastor and his wife were killed in the boating accident, four survived, and four remain missing.

The church plans a missionary trip back there in October---they have had a huge response from people who want to go to carry on the work these men were doing there.

Fellowship Bible Church in Conway is accepting donations to help carry on mission work in Nicaragua. Donations can be sent to the church in care of the Bert Alexander/Jack Logan Nicaragua fund. Send it to P.O. Box 10480 Conway, Arkansas 72034.

Melissa Dunbar, Reporter Today’s THV & ¡Hola! Arkansas

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