Hispanics will help nominate and elect the next president

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement as the Democratic Presidential candidates prepared to debate in Nevada, site of the first DNC-sanctioned debate in the West and of one of the first presidential nominating contests for the 2008 elections.

"Selecting Nevada as an early caucus state and placing the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado show that we respect voters enough to ask for their votes in every part of the country. Both states also have strong Hispanic populations, which will now play an important role not only in electing America's next Democratic President, but also in that candidate's nomination.

"Today Democrats are building momentum across the country, and building stronger ties than ever with the Hispanic community. The Democratic Party shares the Hispanic community's values centered on family, faith, and hard work, and our candidates offer the new direction the American people want.

"Here in Nevada, enthusiasm over the upcoming caucus and the involvement of the Hispanic community have helped state Democrats double the Democratic voter registration edge. Hispanics are critical to the success of the Democratic Party and our candidates, and we won't take a single vote for granted."


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