Hispanic parents should participate more in school activities

Have you realized how happy and excited our children get when they find out that we are going to take part in some school activity with them? If we want our children to be excited about their schoolwork, we must also show them we care about what they study, and play an active role in the activities and programs schools offer for the parents. When was the last time you took part in some event at your child’s school? If you do not have time, start this new school year with a new objective, making it your goal not to let those important moments in your children’s life go by, and fully enjoy them instead.

Although schools coordinate numerous activities during the year, one of the most important ones are the visits to the classrooms, also known as Open Houses, where your children will proudly show you their academic achievements and progresses, and you will have the chance to have a closer look at the environment where you child interacts daily. In short, you will get to know the classroom atmosphere better, in addition to knowing and sharing your ideas and concerns with other parents. Likewise, teachers consider it important to get to know their students’ parents, and will be watching the relationship you have with your son or daughter.

Of course, this visit does not in any way replace the meetings with the teachers that you have to request at least twice during the semester. On many occasions it is the teachers themselves who invite you to a meeting in order to talk about how your child is taking advantage of the academic possibilities and what you can do if he or she needs help or improvement in any school subject.

Most schools have their own Parents and Teachers Associations, known as PTA. It is highly advisable to become an active member, and participate as a volunteer in some of the numerous activities that these associations organize every year.

Today more than ever, mothers and fathers alike have to work outside their homes in order to be able to meet the obligations required by a household and a family. Likewise, today more than ever our children need our guide, our attention, and our time. Finding the necessary time for the education and participation in your children’s school activities is a priceless priority. It is a long-term investment that builds a bright academic future for them!

The National Parents and Teachers Association has an excellent web site where you will find very valuable information (also available in Spanish) through its information booklet called “100 Ways to Know More and Do More.” The material includes important issues like: “How to Motivate Your Son,” “How to Connect your Home with the School,” and “How to Participate,” among many others. You can request this booklet in English or in Spanish, visiting: http://www.pta.org.

The Arkansas PTA had and its over 54,000 members and can be reach at http://www.arkansaspta.org. The Arkansas PTA is very concerned about the education of all children in Arkansas.


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