This year, enjoy a healthy Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner! Having a healthy Halloween is not about giving up all the treats it is about bringing them into balance. Now, it is easier than ever to find Halloween treats to make adults and kids happy while also being healthy. Grocery stores are stocked with kid-friendly favorites that have whole grains, vitamin C, 100% juice and/or added fiber. Try to read nutrition labels when buying treats to be sure they are the healthiest choices. For example, check to see that fruit snacks, cereal bars and juice boxes are made with 100% real fruit, animal crackers are made without trans fats, and that cheddar crackers are made with whole grains.

Examples of Healthy Halloween Treats:
Individual boxes of raisins or other dried fruits, fruit snacks made with 100 percent fruit and vitamin C , sugar-free gum, animal-shaped graham crackers made without trans-fat, mini rice cereal treat bars, cereal bars made with real fruit, granola bars made with whole grains, individual fruit cups in juice or light syrup, individual cups of unsweetened applesauce,

100 percent fruit juice boxes, small bags of baked, unsalted pretzels, low fat popcorn or small water bottles. If you choose candy for treats, look for those that are lower in fat and sugar. Choose types of candy that have fewer calories, such as hard candies, small lollypops, jelly type candy and licorice. For chocolate candy, choose bite-size candy bars with the least amount of fat and calories per serving. Think about choosing healthier dark chocolate varieties.

If your child wants candy, parents or caregivers can limit the amount he or she eats by first giving a healthy snack (fruit, yogurt, nuts, etc.) and one bite-size piece of candy, instead of a snack with several pieces of candy. Candy is okay in moderation, so eat what you like, just do not over do it.
Some kids may not be interested in the healthier choices, but as a parent or caregiver, if you encourage them to try healthier snack foods, they may end up liking them. Adults should be role models for their kids, if adults pick healthy snacks most of the time, kids may be more likely to try healthy snacks too!

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