Day: June 15, 2006

Conway missionaries legacies live on

CONWAY, AR — The children of two Conway men, who gave their lives so others could live, remembered their legacy on this Father’s Day and made plans to carry on their work.

Bert Alexander and Jack Logan were on a mission trip to Nicaragua when they were in a boating accident. While saving two Nicaraguan boys, the Conway men died. 24 hours after Alexander and Logan let go of the cooler, the two Nicaraguan boys were rescued.

The Nicaraguans traveled to Arkansas to meet the Conway families.

After a week of mission-work teaching, Alexander and Logan’s lives…

Arkansas doctors performing medical miracles in Honduras

LONOKE , AR — A group of Arkansas doctors continue their mission at a Honduras hospital to help with what they call “the worst suffering they have ever seen.”

A fundraiser for the medical mission, called Operation New Life, took place Saturday, June 10 at the Remington Gun Club in Lonoke.

Ernesto Suarez, 22, attended the event. He is from Mexico. Suarez is recovering after doctors with Operation New Life removed a baseball-sized tumor from his cheek.

“My family doesn’t have the money for the operation,” said Suarez. Mexican doctors told Suarez it would cost…

The myths and realities of tobacco use

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in Hispanics, according to a 1998 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body – not only the lungs – but also the brain, kidneys, eyes, bladder and heart. With coronary heart disease as the leading cause of death among Hispanics living in the U.S., it is clear that tobacco use is an important risk factor.

There are more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, according to the National Cancer Institute. Of these, 60 are proven to cause cancer. Many of these chemicals are poisonous…

Argentina wins Copa Del Mundial! … The Dulce Mundial that is

LONGMONT, CO — After 26 days of tough competition, Argentina came out on top as the Official Winner of the 2006 Dulce Mundial. To honor Mundial teams and their fans, this year the National Honey Board created six simple 100% pure honey-based recipes – one for each of the Latin American national soccer teams that qualified for this year’s tournament. The 2006 Dulce Mundial turned out to be a closely contested recipe competition between Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Ecuador.

The recipe tournament kicked-off online at on May 15, 2006…

United States and Colombia negotiating free trade agreement

WASHINGTON, DC — President George W. Bush welcomed Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to the Oval Office Wednesday, June 14, 2006. “This is my first chance to be able to congratulate the President for a very strong victory. He was obviously a good campaigner that had a message that the Colombian people appreciated. So first of all, congratulations for a grand victory,” said Bush.

President Bush added, “we negotiated a free trade agreement. We’ve still got some details to work out, but we committed ourselves to working out those details and try to get this done as quickly as…

Mexican youth learn “Tu Rock es Votar”

MEXICO D.F., MEXICO — Rock music has always been important in the lives of the young. This year, rock music in Mexico is no the exception. Before the imminent presidential elections on July 2, various rock bands in Mexico created the organization Tu Rock es Votar (TREV), whose mission is to promote voting among Mexican youth.

TREV was born in August of 2005 when a group of young people between the ages of 27 and 29 created the non-profit organization. TREV does not have an agenda or political affiliation and only seeks to promote participation and civic consciousness,…