Day: July 1, 2006

Head to the table to enjoy a family meal!

According to 2004 statistics compiled by the US Government

(1), 56% of Hispanic females over the age of 16 are members of the work force. That figure rises to 66% for Hispanic females between the ages of 25 and 54.

Times have changed.

Nowadays, a woman is much more than a housewife. There’s work for her to do, both inside and outside of the home. And it seems like there’s never enough time for herself or her dreams. We want things quick and easy. And, in spite of it all, deep down we’d love to have the same amount of time for a family meal that were part of our…

New Juan Valdez to continue tradition of 100% Colombian Coffee

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA — In a bold yet smooth move, the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia announced on June 29 it handpicked a successor to carry on the tradition of Juan Valdez, the dapper, yet self-effacing front man for Colombia’s coffee growers.

The new face of Juan, along with his mule Conchita, will once again travel the world extolling the virtues of handpicked 100% Colombian coffee and the demanding commitment to quality and environmental stewardship it takes to grow the “richest coffee in the world.”

His name is Carlos Castaneda, a humble grower or…