Day: October 20, 2014

Dreamer returns to Harvard University

Dario Guerrero’s story could be of any other “Dreamer,” but it ceased when he applied to Harvard for his excellent grades and exposed that being undocumented could be a huge contribution to the prestigious university. Harvard awarded him a full scholarship, with this his dream came true.

Everything was going well until September 2013 when Dario’s mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer in Mexico, country where she had returned time ago.
The life of the young man and his family changed radically. Dario did not even think twice and traveled to Mexico City to take care of his mother in…

Heated Arkansas Senate race: Cotton, Pryor

The debate for the Senate nominees hosted by the Arkansas Educational Television Network also included the Libertarian and Green Party nominees as they sparred over whom would best represent the state in Washington.

The candidates in Arkansas’ heated Senate race have stuck to familiar themes in their first debate, with Senator Mark Pryor accusing Republican Representative Tom Cotton of being beholden to billionaire donors and Cotton casting Pryor as the president’s closest ally in Arkansas.

Pryor accused Cotton of putting his ambition before the state, saying outside groups were…

4 Keys to building successful business relationships

Small business owners looking to cultivate those customer relationships should consider the following tips.

• Do whatever it takes to keep customers satisfied. While it might be one-sided, customers are more likely to share an unpleasant experience with a business than they are a positive one. Consumer surveys note that a person who has had a negative experience with a company will tell roughly 10 people. During a recession, consumers place a greater emphasis on getting their money’s worth, so hearing a friend speak negatively about a local business could have a very negative impact…

Bowen School of Law named a top five regional law school for Latinos

The Latina/o Student’s Guide to Law Schools named the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s William H. Bowen School of Law a Top Five Regional Law School for Latina and Latino students in its inaugural 2015 edition.

The guide ranks the best law schools for students of Latin, Mexican, and Caribbean descents and considers schools’ Latina and Latino student population and tuition costs.

The guide will be available October 27 and will be published by Lawyers of Color Inc., established in 2008 to report important news to black legal professionals. The media and research company…