Activist dreamer publicly questioned Obama

San Francisco, CA

The young man who interrupted the speech by President Barack Obama last week in San Francisco to ask him to use his executive authority and help to millions of undocumented workers, this intervention wasn’t planned “just got tired of hearing the same speech again ever, no concrete solutions, especially when he spoke of the day of Thanksgiving and family fun.”

In an interview from San Francisco, Hong said that when he decided to speak “was shaking.”
“Do not even expected to sit behind him, but I was invited by the White House,” Hong, who in 2009 became involved in activism “Dreamers” after learning during his senior year and completing applications said to college, which he did not have a Social Security number.
“However, being too disappointed with their response. He treated me like a child, ignored my questions and lied, because the reality is that he has the power to do many things, just does not have the political will.”

Hong said that “President Obama cannot say it is the champion while the immigrant deported more than 1,000 people per day, separating families.”
The reaction to his actions, which took place during the President’s speech at a community center in the Asian community in San Francisco, has been “overwhelming,” the young, who studied public administration at San Francisco State University and the year said graduated last of Political Science at the University of Berkeley.

His email, his Facebook page and telephone accumulate hundreds messages of other young people who are grateful he had spoken and paid attention to the continuing problem of deportations and family separations. Still others accuse him of being “disrespectful and rude” by not question the president and quiet.

“I think the only thing left is to put pressure on Obama to do the right thing, at the same time we do the same with the Congress to pass immigration reform,” Hong said. “The two things are necessary.”

He added that about 2 million of the 11 million undocumented immigrants are Asians. “This is not only a Latino issue, this is a global issue.”

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