America’s resurgence at economy, housing and college

The last week, President Obama discussed the economic gains make in 2014, which was the strongest year for job growth. The President showcase that he has worked to help every American get ahead in this new year, like plans he announced last week to make community college free for two years, make mortgages more affordable and accessible for creditworthy families, and support manufacturing.

“America’s resurgence is real. And now that we have got some calm waters, if we all do our part, if we all pitch in, we can make sure that tide starts lifting all boats again,” President Obama said in the past weekly address. In December, businesses created 240,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate fell to 5.6 percent. That means that 2014 was the strongest year for job growth since the 1990s and the most rapid decline in unemployment in the past three decades.

President Obama insisted in Phoenix, Arizona about “America’s resurgence,” in front of a crowd at Central High School, with a previewing the economic theme he plans to stress in his January 18 State of the Union address. Where he will tour the nation’s economic resurgence under his watch and announce a new policy designed to encourage more homeownership.

Over a 58-month streak, the businesses have created 11.2 million new jobs. After a decade of decline, American manufacturing is in its best stretch of job growth. America is now the world’s number one producer of oil and gas, helping to save drivers about a buck-ten a gallon at the pump over this time last year.

In his visited to a Ford plant outside Detroit, redefining “comeback” the American auto industry comment. “These six years since the crisis have demanded hard work and sacrifice on everybody’s part. So as a country, we have every right to be proud of what we’ve got to show for all that hard work,” said in Michigan to embrace the economic recovery.

“The auto industry has proved that any comeback is possible.” He told the importance that the middle class could make sure is the engine that powers America’s prosperity for decades to come.

In Pellissippi State Community College in Tennessee, he said of the big strides made by the state in education, to unveil the new plan to make two years of community college free for every responsible student.

Another topic in reference to the work of his administration, the Affordable Care Act about 10 million Americans have gained health insurance in the past year alone, deficit was cut by about two-thirds and after 13 long years, the war in Afghanistan came to end, and more of brave troops have come home.

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