Arkansas humiliates 55-20 Eastern Illinois

Era Chad Morris starts with a right foot. 


By: Carlos Chicas

Photos: Crant Osborne 


63,342 fans witnessed the beating that the Razorbacks provided to a weak Eastern Illinois by a score of 55-20. The era of Chad Morris starts well against a rival who did not scare  the Razorbacks.

Temperatures were optimal for the Arkansas home opener game. The controversy between who will be the starter quarterback seems to be over. Although Cole Kelley started the game, the numbers obtained were not very strong. Kelley finished by completing 9 of his 12 attempts  to get  92 yards; and when he wanted to run with the ball he could only complete four yards.

Ty Storey who entered the game when Kelley lost his helmet  and Ty was more forceful and since he step the grid not only injected energy to the team but completed 12 of the 17 attempts that allowed him to add 261 yards to his personal account. And to make it even harder for head coach  Chad Morris, Storey also scored his first touchdown after he ran two yards in the third quarter of the game.

Storey tie record  of four passes that ended in scoring for Arkansas, same numbers put by Kelley in 2017 against Ole Miss.


Latino player for the Razorbacks Santos Ramírez contributed with 5 tackles. The last time Ramírez had achieved similar results was in 2017 when he got six tackles against the Auburn Tigers.

“Yeah, we have not won since our opener, I get it, we lost two in a row. I think our guys knew going out of that game that we can win. I think that’s what kind of the chippiness, the angerness, even from the coaches. You do all this work, why not win the game, you know. Why not put us in a position to be talked about on a bigger scale. I am excited. My first year,  I think was when we played South Carolina and that was when coach was still here. If you remember that game, we actually ran for a lot of yards, but we fumble like five times. I remember coach saying something about you can run fot those yards, but you cant fumble that many times.”  Said Char Morris during his press conference after the games.

The Razorbacks will  returns to play next Saturday September 8 in an away game, the Hogs  will face be Colorado State with a 6:30 P.M. kick off.

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