Asa Hutchinson kicks off computer coding tour #ARKidsCanCode

Governor Asa Hutchinson visited two Saline County schools to kick off his computer coding tour trying to convince the students of the importance of computer science.

Hutchinson visited one of those computer coding classes at Bryant.

The class, which has about 200 students signed up, likely wouldn’t have happened without a 2015 law requiring all of Arkansas’ public and charter high schools to offer computer science.

Now he’s calling on Arkansas students to sign up, making stops to Arkansas schools to convince them of the importance in person by using the help of a video showing NBA, music stars, even Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Hutchinson is trying to show the students their future jobs will most likely involve coding.

“I can assure the students if you get this tool, this educational capability, then you’ll have a job when you get out,” Hutchinson said.

Asa Hutchinson

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