Raúl Rojas, 4.8 GPA: Accepted to all Ivy League Schools

Fullerton teen who is one of an elite crew accepted by all eight Ivy League schools has decided to go to Yale. Fullerton High School senior Fernando Rojas, 17, is the son of Mexican immigrants. He is a skilled debater, earned a national championship, and a 4.8 GPA (grade point average). He was a co-valedictorian in high school, and attributes his success to his parents, who told him to reach high.

“Both my parents instilled working hard, never giving up and just resilience,” he told the news station. He is one of four children of Raul Rojas, 59, and Maria wife, 56, who moved to the…

U.S. Military project could create 600 new jobs in Arkansas

Should Lockheed Martin win the contract to build Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) in Camden, the impact will be felt across the state.
The Arkansas legislature completed a special session after voting to issue $87 million in bonds for a proposed industrial development project in south Arkansas that would manufacture the next generation of light military vehicles for the Army and the Marines.

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission has been working on the proposal for two years. Arkansas is in competition with Indiana and Wisconsin to be the site of the plant, which will produce…

Lizette Salas: “I want to be an example for girls in my community”

It is uncommon to see Hispanic girls play golf but for star Lizette Salas this is not the case. For many, golf is an expensive sport that is out of reach. Like in Lizette’s neighborhood sports that were practiced were the traditional football, basketball and softball; not golf.

Lizette started in this sport by her father Ramon Salas who worked in the golf courses of Azusa. She accompanied him to work without knowing that she was starting her own story. Her father had no money to enroll Lizette in golf lessons, but he managed to make an agreement with one of the golf coaches in the…

Father’s Day is everyday!

Father can do things to help the mother and her baby: Be prepared: It is normal to worry if you will be a good father. You are not alone! Check with your local library to see if they have magazines or DVDs about parenting and breastfeeding. Explore a website like to learn from other fathers. Ask at the WIC office for information about breastfeeding.

Learn how to change diapers, bathe, feed, dress and play with your baby.
Take Charge: Your new family needs time together. Limit the number of visitors at the hospital and the early days.

Skin to skin: Hold baby…

Keep your kids reading this summer

Summer Learning Day is on June 19, and in celebration, the Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading is offering you a chance to win a $100 Walmart gift card.

Why is summer learning important? Every summer, children risk losing up to three months in reading skills. Year after year, these losses add up. High-quality summer learning opportunities make a difference in curbing summer learning losses, but only 17 percent of Arkansas students currently have access to a high-quality program.

Summer learning opportunities are everywhere. When your kids read books, keep a journal, visit the…

Fewer young men fathering children outside of marriage

Fewer unmarried American men are becoming first-time fathers, U.S. health officials reported. Thirty-six percent of first-time fathers younger than 44 had a child out of wedlock during the first decade of the 2000s, officials said; this represents a decline from the previous two decades.

In the 1980s, 42 percent of first-time fathers were unmarried, as were 40 percent in the 1990s. The national survey also found a larger proportion of unmarried first-time fathers living with the mother and child than in the past.

The report is good news, given prior research indicating that “having a…

Take steps to stay safe around water

The summer is around the corner and swimming is the most popular activity; the pools are opening for the summer, and families are heading to lakes and beaches to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. All of this means more people will be spending hot summer days in and around the water.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge issued consumer alert to educate Arkansans about the importance of water safety and the risks of drowning. Attorney General released the following tips to have a fun, safe summer around water: Actively supervise children in and around open bodies of water,…

Gaby Pacheco respond to Ann Coulter’s commets

Ann Coulter claims she would ban overweight immigrants from entering The U.S.
Gaby Pacheco an immigration activist with deferred deportation status, said she is more worried about disparaging comments made by Ann Coulter about Mexicans and immigrants than the controversial conservative columnist’s criticizing her weight or refusing to hug her in an interview with radio host Rick Sanchez.

Pacheco told Sanchez she is worried about the “inappropriate” and “hateful” comments Coulter often makes about Mexicans and immigrants and how she portrays white people as being superior to others. …

Students Organize First “Harvard Latino Graduation”

A desire to create a space where Latinos graduating from Harvard University can celebrate their accomplishments with their families in a more meaningful and personal way led a group of students to organize the first-ever Harvard Latin@ Graduation ceremony.

“Many of us are first generation college graduates and come from middle to lower income backgrounds. So to be able to graduate from a prestigious institution like Harvard, it’s just really a dream come true,” said Erika Ontiveros Carlsen, a 27 year old who graduated with a Master’s of Divinity degree from Harvard. She led efforts to…