How much alcohol is too much?

“How much alcohol is too much” is a question that most people think responsible adults should answer for themselves. Many of them drink moderately and responsibly. We should all be aware that drinking too much alcohol can quickly have a negative impact on our health.

How much drinking is too much? Moderate drinking means one drink a day for women or two drinks a day for men. Drinking more than that can cause a wide range of problems including increased risk of injuries, automobile accidents, violence, drowning, alcohol dependence or alcoholism and depression. In fact, alcohol…

Attorney General offer internships for college students’

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced this week that her office is launching an intern program for college students seeking to learn more about a career in government and public service.

“Internships can be invaluable for college students to gain real-world experience as they try to decide their career path,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “An internship in the Attorney General’s Office will encourage careers in public service and offer students the opportunity to directly impact people across the State. The Attorney General’s Office already has a…

“What’s Your Dot?” Campaign Aims to End Child Abuse

Connect the dots to prevent child abuse and neglect. “What’s Your Dot?” is a new campaign introduced for April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month, where Arkansans are asked to think about what they are doing, or can do, to strengthen families and consider those actions as “dots.”
Ben Tanzer, director of communications at Prevent Child Abuse America, says when there are plenty of dots in a community, connections are made that benefit families.

“Maybe you organize a babysitting co-op in your neighborhood,” says Tanzer. “Create a book club for parents. Maybe people organize in a neighborhood…

Secrets of a healthy life

We know how to live a long and healthy life. There really are no secrets about it. Most good health or bad is because of the choices we make every day. Here are some areas where you can make good choices.

Monitor blood pressure and cholesterol regularly. Your doctor can tell you how often these two important measures should be checked, based on your risks for heart disease. Your doctor can also tell you about other screening tests you need. Catching problems through screening tests gives you and your doctor the chance to start treatment before problems get worse and cost more to cure….

Have allergies to pollen? ¡Hola! suggests

The tendency to develop allergies may be inherited. If you have allergic tendencies and are exposed to certain things in your environment (allergens), you may develop allergies to some of those things. Examples of allergy symptoms include itchy eyes, runny nose, asthma symptoms, eczema and rash. The timing of the allergic response may be immediate or delayed. Allergy testing may be recommended to help identify your allergies.

Allergies to Pollen: Pollen from trees, grasses and weeds can be inhaled, and cause allergy and asthma symptoms. Pollen may travel many miles in the wind….

Naturals, Travelers set Rosters for 2015 Season

Games are underway in Major League Baseball which means Minor League games are soon to follow. The Northwest Arkansas Naturals and Arkansas Travelers announced their opening day rosters this week – both loaded with some of the best prospects in the Kansas City Royals and Los Angeles Angels organizations.

The Travelers were once again a playoff team last year and return eight players from last year’s roster including All Star pitcher Danny Reynolds and infielder Brian Hernandez. Hernandez hit .308 with seven home runs, 25 doubles and 60 RBI with the Travs last season. While Reynolds…

How to have a stress -free wedding

The countdown begins! Make the most of your final days as a single woman with these sanity-savers from professional wedding planners.

1. Finalize your wedding itinerary. Your wedding timeline needs to be realistic and have room for error. If you do not have a planner, ask your photographer and on-site coordinator for guidance; complete this task at the beginning of your wedding week so that you can confirm all of your vendors. Then, distribute copies of the timeline to your bridal party and family members at the rehearsal dinner so that everyone is on the same page about who needs to be…

How changing Latino demographics will affect the future workforce?

The United States is demographically and dramatically changing. As recently as 2008, minority children were outnumbering whites in 1 of 6 counties across the country. In some counties, minority children were more than 50 percent. In fact, minorities are the largest growing portion of our society.

Indeed, it is estimated that there are 52 million Latinos in the United States. Experts predict that Latinos will make up the largest bulk of entrants into the workplace by 2017, and the Latino population will represent more than one-half of the U.S. workforce by 2050. This makes the United…

Need more time to file your Tax return?

The Internal Revenue Service reminded taxpayers who are unable to complete their tax returns on time that it is easy to get more time to file their return. In fact, it can even be done online.
These tips are designed to help taxpayers navigate common tax issues as the April 15 deadline approaches.

For taxpayers who have not yet filed their taxes, the IRS has this advice: do not panic. Taxpayers who need more time to complete their tax return can request an automatic six-month extension.
The fastest and easiest way to get the extra time is through the Free File link on In a…