Bee Well Yoga donates $ 5,000.00 dollars to the soccer program

By: Carlos Chicas & Michael Cruz

Photos: Crant Osborne & Julie Helm


Bee Well Yoga in Rogers surprised Bentonville FC Prodigy Soccer Club this week with a donation of five thousand dollars, which will be used to acquire official soccer goals that will be used in the club’s soccer fields for the 2019 season.


Allisson Butler-Kublanov is the owner of Bee Well Yoga, and in an exclusive interview shared how Yoga came to her life. “A few years ago, when I was in college I needed another class and I decided to take a Yoga class to keep my scholarship. I never liked doing Yoga because it was very difficult because of my muscles were so tie from running so much.” Commented Allisson.

Yoga is a discipline that dates from years ago. Yoga refers to a traditional physical and mental discipline and is associated with meditation practices that stimulate the relaxation of the body.


Bee Well Yoga is located in Rogers, and one of the things that Allisson Butler-Kublanov what you can experience when coming to her yoga studio. “We are a yoga studio with a different concept for our participants, we include a cardiovascular combination. Many people think that Yoga is only physical, but it is also mental, the part that helps us improves our body. I teach Yoga to young children, from 8 years old and up, of course it is different depending on age, and we adjust to all ages. “Butler-Kublanov commented.

Members of Bentonville FC Prodigy soccer club have seen the benefits of practicing this discipline at Bee Well Yoga and being injury-free. “It’s very important for soccer players, I have two children who play soccer, and they do not like to do yoga, but as their mother, I motivate them to do it, and every time they practice Yoga, their muscles feel more relaxed. Yoga does not have to be something that is done for a long time, from 10 to 20 minutes it helps a lot, and each coach should incorporate it in every soccer practice. “Allisson added.

Allison shared the mission of Bee Well Yoga, and how she raises funds that later are donate to the community. “Our mission is compassion and love for our community. Each month we identify different organizations that have certain needs. We have donated to many institutions. One of the ways we raise funds, every Friday you can come to practice Yoga and donate $ 5 dollars; that helps us to help raise funds for our community. I am very excited to help our community and I hope that Yoga continues to grow.”


Allisson Butler-Kublanov shared her secret to success at Bee Well Yoga and in life. “Trust your gut, work hard and go for it. Always put your family first and your spirituality. “Concluded Allison Butler-Kublanov.


Bee Well Yoga is located at, 5208 W Village Pkwy Ste. 8, Rogers, AR 72758.  Bee Well Yoga is open Monday through Sunday. For more information call 479-616-7715 or email:


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