Ben Hicks; The Chosen One

Razorbacks 20 v. Portland State13  


By: Silvia Verónica Isaac Paredes & Carlos Chicas

Photos: José Pablo García Bucio & Crant Osborne


Despite stating that “never would I apologize for a winning, because there is no such thing as a bad win”, Coach Norris shared that “this was not the victory he expected to see, we got a lot of stuff we must get better at”. The Razorbacks struggled through the first half of the game, but their game improved in the second half and they beat Portland State 20-13.

Everyone was expecting Quarterback Ben Hicks to be the star of the game. However, all the credit should be given to the Razorback defense, their stout plays blocked several attacks from the Vikings.

A few days ago, Coach Morris announced that Ben Hicks would be the chosen Razorbacks quarterback, a sort of prodigal son, as hicks had trained under Morris for two seasons at MSU. Everyone´s eyes were set on Hicks, and even when he managed to do some good plays, Hicks stated during the press conference that he “would go over the videos to know what must be improved for next week to beat Ole Miss. There’s a lot to do and to improve for the next games. I’m happy with today’s victory. A win is a win, we are 1-0”.

“Their defense whooped us. We had a plan but they (Arkansas) did a hell of a job on defense. We came at them with option routes and had our guys off the ball. My fear was we couldn’t protect with their front seven, so I wanted to throw quick. They sat on our routes and did a hell of a job. Upfront, they got to us. We don’t see defenses like that. That was my fear. I tried to adjust to it and it didn’t work. It was a frustrating first half. They played more zone than I thought they would. We had to make some adjustments at halftime.” Said Portland State Head Coach Bruce Barnum.

The Razorbacks’ fans at the stadium felt discouraged when the quarterback did not perform as expected and they shouted at the coach demanding for the quarterback they deserve or one that knows what he should do. “Never will I ever apologize for winning, there is no such thing as a bad win. You win and you correct. Now, you may not have played as well as you wanted to play, and we didn’t, but we won and we’re going to be able to use this win to make corrections.” Said Chad Morris.


Even when the Razorbacks did not shine during their debut, the ended the game with a victory and they will start tomorrow to get ready to face Ole Miss next Saturday at oxford, Mississippi.