Chabelo’s ‘En Familia’ to end after 48 years

En Familia con Chabelo,” which has been on air for nearly 50 years, will air its final episode on December 20. Xavier Lopez Rodriguez, who plays Chabelo on the show, made the announcement via a YouTube video.

Hola! 446 CHABELO 1“Everything in life has a cycle, a beginning and an end.” ‘En Familia con Chabelo’ began 48 years ago with a format that few believed would last.

“48 years later, I can only thank Don Emilio Azcácarraga Milmo, rest in peace, for giving me the opportunity to start this program,” Lopez said in the video.

The 80-year-old Mexican comedian thanked the audience for the opportunity to be a part of their history, and them a part of his history.

Lopez worked on several TV shows before working on a variety program starring Ramiro Gamboa ‘el tio Gamboin’.

The actor who was playing the character of a boy named Chabelo was missing, so young Lopez, known for being able to do several voices, was invited to take on the role and he is played it ever since.

Xavier Lopez, born in Mexico in 1935, played Chabelo on different comedy shows from the time Mexican television Hola! 446 CHABELO 3first went on the air in the 1950s, and in 1968 debuted the Sunday broadcast of “En Familia.”

“One cycle ends and another begins, a new cycle that I hope when it is announced, you’ll all be with me once again,” the actor said in the message to his “cuates” (pals), as he tends to call his audience.


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