City Year is Coming Soon

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Give back to the community. Serve your community. Change your life. Little Rock will become the 15th city to host the service program for young adults in November 2004. Kady Tierney, executive director of City Year Little Rock, has been preparing for that day. In November, Little Rock will open the Clinton Presidential Library; City Year hopes its national service program will serve as a living monument to the former president with 40 workers in central Arkansas.

“As a member of City year our service program workers will learn to follow a powerful program of leadership and professionalism,” said Tierney. The program doesn’t fully begin until the fall, but Tierney and her staff already are making their small presence known and preparing for its debut.

“City Year began in Boston in 1988, created by two Harvard Law School roommates,” said Tierney. Four years later, the program caught the eye of then Governor Bill Clinton, who later as President used it as a model for his AmeriCorps national service program.

The Arkansas program will make its debut the same week as the Clinton Library opens in Little Rock. “During that week, our goal is to highlight the former president Clinton’s commitment to national service,” Tierney said.

Since it’s founding, City Year has graduated more than 6,500 alumni and served nearly 700,000 children. This year, more than 750 young people will complete more than 1 million hours of work through service projects, mentoring, tutoring and teaching public safety to children.

Workers receive a weekly stipend of $185, a uniform a $4,725 grant that can be used to either pay for school or pay off existing school loans. City Year members in Little Rock are sifting applications and setting up the program for its start in November. “You will be a role model to children and teach them how to be strong citizens,” said Tierney. City Year members will spend their time tutoring students. City Year workers will also lead after-school literacy programs, and other service projects focused mainly on elementary and middle school students. By this fall, the freshly trained 40 corps workers will be found across eight schools in Little Rock, North Little Rock and Pulaski County.

Tierney and the other City Year members spend time recruiting, publicizing the program and organizing. To learn more, call (501) 372-3240

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