Clinton and Trump solidified their positions, what’s next?

Super Tuesday is squarely in the rear-view mirror, now a host of primaries and caucuses in coming days will keep presidential campaigns busy.  But, Super Tuesday lived up to billing the billionaire and trimmed the Republican field.

Front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump solidified their positions with strong showings on Tuesday, but the leading challengers also were trumpeting victories, mathematical and moral.  And the nominations are far from secured.

The first day of multiple-state voting looms large in a wild presidential race after early states trimmed the field and the brash billionaire and his army of outsider voters positioned to send panic through the Republican establishment by tightening his grip on the party’s nomination.

Donald Trump y/and Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump y/and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton boosted by her huge win in South Carolina meanwhile locked out her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, who was giving her a tougher than expected challenge, by showing the strength of the Southern foundation of minority voters on which her campaign is built.

The billionaire is, however, struggling to shake off a controversy after he failed to disavow former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke during an interview “State of the Union”. Trump blamed a bad earpiece for the oversight, and he has at other times disavowed Duke, but his rivals were quick to seize on the incident to suggest that he is unfit to be the Republican nominee.

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in turn delivered a scorching indictment of Donald Trump, calling him a phony, a fraud, a misogynist and a bully who threatens America’s future.

Hola! 508 CANDIDATES 6Romney take down of the Republican frontrunner, point-by-point, issue-by-issue, critiquing his business acumen, the amount he is worth, and his ability to understand foreign policy and his temperament and his honesty.

Next up for the Republican candidates is a Detroit stage.

Before that race, voters again take the stage over the weekend. There are caucuses Saturday in Kansas, Kentucky, Maine and Nebraska along with a primary in Louisiana. On Sunday, Democrats debate in Flint, Michigan, Democratic caucuses are held Hola! 508 CANDIDATES 5in Maine, and a Republican primary is set for Puerto Rico.

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