Clothes Mentor; more than a Clothing store

The perfect place for the Latina Woman.


By: Carlos Chicas

Photos: Crant Asborne


Clothes Mentor located in the metropolis of Rogers is a clothing store where you, yes you; woman that you always like to go shopping, and dress  with fashion, find the best prices that fits your budger for your daily life; Clothes Mentor the place where you will find everything that will make you look more beautiful.

How the idea to start this new adventure and bring this frnachize store to northwest Arkansas was born? We sat down exclusively to talk with Allison Frizzell who owns Clothes Mentor and with tears in her eyes told us her odyssey. “Everything started the first time I saw a store like this in Springfield, MO. I always liked to go shopping, and we did not have a store like this near us in Arkansas. And said, why not. And that’s how I also decided to change my profession. “Allison commented.

In Northwest Arkansas there are many stores that are filled with lots of merchandise. Clothes Mentor is different from other stores in many ways. But the most important is the sincerity towards their clients, the honesty when someone asks if the clothes looks good and fits the person; Clothes Mentor focus on women 20 years and older. “Here you can find everything you need, we have clothes for all occasions, for the active woman, and we are very selective depending on the woman’s age. We have recognized brands and at the best prices. “Allison added.

Clothes Mentor finds  out what women in general are looking for. That was another the reason that Allison wanted to take in consideration when she undertook her adventure to bring this franchise to Northwest Arkansas; Serving women from the point of view of the buyer. “My approach was always to meet the needs of women. Each year we evaluate what the consumer wants from styles and prices. We always consider our client from their age, origin, style, and that always helps us. For me it was always important to achieve my goals, but more important to have a store from the point of the woman who likes to go shopping.”

Clothes Mentor is full of diversity, same that has come with the growth of Rogers and the region in general, and Allison loves that through the door of Clothes Mentor not only she sees the Latina woman but also the new generation. “One thing I like to be in this business is diversity, I love seeing when Latino families arrive and bring their young daughters, because here they can find something for the girl who is about to become a woman. And the great advantage is that half of our workers speak Spanish, and this does help much to serve them in Spanish, if it is the language they prefer. ”   Clothes Mentor since its arrival in Rogers has been a shopping and work place for Latinas like Elisabel Cortez who is a student that attends NWACC and has been working with Clothes Mentor for almost two years, and Cortez said “Here you can find all kinds of bags that you are looking for, and the best of all is that you find them at the cheapest prices, I not only work here, but I also do my shopping here.”   For students like Elisabel Cortez, the owner of Clothes Mentor, Allison Frizzell would not change her new profession for anything in the world and with tears in her eyes, she conclude saying “I love what I do, and even in the most difficult days of this business, I would not stop doing it because we provide work opportunities for many girls who are attending college and even though I know that one day they will stop working for me because their schedules might change, or because they have graduated, this is something that motivates me to keep going and I don’t  regret having changed my profession because Clothes Mentor was something our community needed. ”   Latina women of Rogers and Northwest Arkansas, if you have not yet visited Clothes Mentor, the wait ends when you finish reading this story. Go to Clothes Mentor today and take your friend, neighbor, mother-in-law, or loved one and take advantage of buying your brand bag, favorite blouse, or dress that you need for your next party.  Clothes Mentor cais located on 4200 W Green Acres Rd, Suite 302 in Rogers, AR.



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