College grad job odds for Arkansas analyzed

College graduates searching for jobs in Arkansas don’t have the easiest time, according to a new report that takes an in-depth look at online job postings across the nation.
Arkansas is ranked in the bottom tier of the report along with other southern states. Dr. Tony Carnevale, lead author of report and director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, offered an insight.

“You’ve got relatively low-wage, low-skill jobs,” he said. “That’s the labor force that you keep because that’s the labor force that’s being hired, something of a self-perpetuating problem.”
An interesting note in the report is that Arkansas is listed as a top state for growth in education job listings since 2010, but also a top state for the number of educators with college degrees who cannot find positions. The best spots for college graduate jobs are Massachusetts, Delaware and Washington state.

Another trend, Carnevale noted, is in sales jobs, which traditionally have not required a four-year college degree. Now, two-thirds of sales jobs require a college degree, he said, “and a fair share of them, half, roughly are selling medical or industrial technology and equipment. You’re selling to experts; you’ve got to be one.”

The report concluded that, overall, the sheer number of jobs posted shows that the economy has recovered. College grads with the best odds of finding a job have degrees in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, managerial, health care and technical fields.
The report, “State Online Job Market Report: Ranking the States,” is online at

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