Companies finding largest engagement in Spanish social media

Latinos are the fastest growing segment of the population and not just Latinos, young Latinos are out-growing their non-Latino counterparts.

And nothing screams youth nowadays more than being active on social media, whether that be the major sites like Facebook or Twitter or the smaller apps like Vine and Snapchat.
The number of U.S. residents 5 and older who spoke Spanish at home in 2011. This is a 117 percent increase since 1990 when it was 17.3 million. Those who hablan español en casa constituted 12.9 percent of U.S. residents 5 and older. More than half of these Spanish speakers spoke English “very well.” (American Census)

One new trend looking to capitalize on this growing online Hispanic presence: Companies using Spanish social media campaigns in order to garner more engagement among Latinos.
Whether it’s news sites like CNN Latino, which didn’t really live up to expectations, government offices like The White House’s @LaCasaBlanca, music empires like VEVO Latino on YouTube, or non-profits like March Of Dimes’ Nacersano, Spanish language social media sites have upped the Hispanic and Latino engagement with what was traditionally an overwhelmingly English dominant landscape.

With over 20 million Latinos on Facebook each month and 84 percent of Latinos ages 18 to 29 claiming they are using social media sites, according to a Pew Research report, it’s about time more companies jumped on-board.
For example Shakira breaks world record thanks to Facebook.

The question is, “what took so long?” Hispanics wield over half a trillion dollars in spending, and use social media in droves.
We knew it was evident and now it’s more common to find separate social media accounts curating and creating original content for their Hispanic consumers.

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