Courses online for ESL, GED and driver’s license

In order to provide better education for children and adults, Arkansas’ education system offers these programs of great help for your family. These programs are an extra support to improve our schools and daily life.

Ventures Online 

Hola! 443 EDUCATION 6Many ESL students have internet access. Cambridge maintains an open website with lessons corresponding to our Ventures Levels. Anyone can go online and work through exercises in any of the ten units, in any of the six levels in the Ventures series. Go to the Ventures Arcade and click on audio to see all the levels listed. In addition to the audio, the Arcade has several other activities for each level, and students can get the App on their phones if they want extra practice:

Learning Express Library

Hola! 443 EDUCATION 5This is a free database available through the Central Arkansas Library System’s website,  It’s an interactive database with practice tests and tutorials for many standardized academic tests, including the GED. It also contains an Adult Learning Center which can help students with basic skills such as reading, writing, speaking, grammar, and math, as well as prepare for the citizenship test.  For access, sign in as new user and create personal account using your library card number as your user name.
Word Academy 

Hola! 443 EDUCATION 3Word Academy is a great tool/game, much like Free Rice, that you can download onto a smart phone, iPhone, Android, etc. It is a fun way for your students to learn vocabulary and practice spelling!
ProLiteracy’s Education Network

Proliteracy’s Education Network has several online courses that are great for volunteer tutors. Principles of Adult Learning and Working with Adult Literacy Learners are particularly good. These courses are free and can be accessed at:
Translation Tool

Tutors and students have both found this free website to be helpful for translation and pronunciation:

Driver’s License

Hola! 443 EDUCATION 4If any of you are working with students on obtaining a driver’s license,  this link will take you to a helpful resource:

Books, Puzzles, games

Literacy Action offers lots of supplemental materials and resources for tutors, both ESL and ABL. You come by the office and check out our reading books, workbooks, games, vocabulary exercises, icebreakers, instructor books, CD’s, pronunciation aids and dictionaries. Some of the materials are consumable and do not need to be returned; some are available to borrow and use; some are available to copy. There are lots of great materials!

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