Disaster for Razorbacks Football Program Saturday at Donald W. Stadium

Chad Morris ship begins to sink.


By: Carlos Chicas

Photos: Crant Osborne


The restoration of the Arkansas football team may take longer than expected. After Arkansas lose against North Texas with a humiliating defeat of 44-17, Chad Morris will have to increase the speed limit and change from 90 to 120 miles per hour on the left lane, and instead of using a hammer, he will have to use a sledgehammer.

The problems for the Razorbacks were seen from the beginning of the game against North Texas.


In the first half, quarterback Cole Kelley had already thrown three interceptions that gave N. Texas a 17-0 lead. Arkansas tried at the start of the second quarter via Cole Kelley and put the score 17-7 after the extra point. Then Connor Limpert with a 54-yard touchdown to put the scoreboard 17-10. There were hopes for the fans.

But everything would collapse for the Hogs, North Texas did not have mercy, and took control of the game since the first half to bury an Arkansas team that was weak and useless and ended up losing by a score of 44-17.

During the press conference the Head Coach, Chad Morris said, “I want to congratulate coach (Seth) Littrel and his team. They’re very well coached, well execute. Great job. I knew that this was the best team he has had in the last three years. They came in definitely playing very. I am very disappointed. We took a punch today, especially in the first half. To get our mindset to change, to rally back when things go bad, we’ve got to continue to work on that. That’s something that’s disappointing. I think they scores 17 points in 16 plays in the first half and stunned us.” Chad Morris concluded.

Up next for Arkansas are the Auburn Tigers, kick off is scheduled for 6:30 PM. Game will be an away match for the Hogs.

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