Doctor Jose Turcios found innocent

A jury reached a verdict this Friday afternoon in the trial of Dr. Jose Turcios.

Dr. Jose Turcios was found not guilty of 2nd degree sexual assault. A 14-year-old patient claimed Turcios inappropriately touched her while she was sedated with nitrous oxide during an appointment at Healthy Smiles on 315 North Bowman Road in Little Rock on March 4, 2015.

The prosecution rested Thursday after putting the alleged victim on the stand.

Defense called 60 witnesses to testify on his behalf. The defense also brought in an expert anesthesiologist, who testified a person under the influence of nitrous gas could misinterpret normal contact for sexual contact.

The trial lasted three full days, but it only took the jury approximately two hours to reach their verdict.

Hola! 515 WEB-TURCIOS 1In the end, Turcios was cleared of all charges. He mentioned the whole situation has been a nightmare. He said while he’s happy about the verdict, he’s still very angry.

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