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In October from this year, there was a World Economical Forum where was evaluated the best economies related with competitive in the world, Finland won this evaluation for several years consecutive, for reaching at this goal, Finland proved to have a high quality of working in Public Institutions, they developed new technology innovations, as well as the impulse of process innovations for three years. Finland keeps the first position for completing these duties.

Next positions were USA, Swede, Taiwan and Denmark. For Latin American region , the ranking is the follow:

Chile is one of Latin American countries which has gotten a better position in ranking in comparative last year, from position 28 to 22, as we can see, it’s the economy more competitive in Latin America, some features of this economy: Normal Economy, Fighting against poverty and Fiscal Discipline.

Argentina is another country which has showed a good position in competitive, while Peru and Bolivia have registered a low position in ranking, factors such as political instability and government measures, a big bureaucracy and corruption, these factors have contributed that these countries have lost competitive.

What’s a Competitive Index?

Growth Competitiveness Index, it’s an indicator which tries to analyze world economies potential, for getting an increasing in a medium and large time.

Point of view for taking evaluation:

– Macroeconomic Variables

– Public Institution Quality

– Technology

This evaluation was made for 8,700 enterprisers in the world, they evaluated each country , taking into account factors such as Economical, Social and Administrative.

With this inform we can think for the rest of Latin American Countries, taking as an example economies like Chile and Argentina which has gotten a better economy each year as a result a good administration in an efficient way for this region and for the rest of world , we have to take as example economies like Finland and USA which has showed signs of good development.

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