Erik Mora; What a moment!

“There is no elevator that leads to success, you will have to go up the stairs.” 


By: Carlos Chicas 


Life is a box of surprises, you never know what you can get from it. This is the story of Erik Mora, who went through many things to become the current Sports Anchor of Telemundo 39 in Dallas. His job took him to the Olympic games and a World Cup.

Born in Veracruz, Mexico and like many Latinos Mora had dreams and goals to fulfill; However, the road to success was never easy for Mora, since his early age he helped his mother with the tasks that allowed them to put a plate of food on the table. “Before becoming a sports journalist, while I lived in Mexico, I worked in various jobs and activities, during my childhood and youth, I was able to help my mother in her food business, I used to deliver food to clients. I worked as a carpenter’s assistant, painter, waiter, making pizzas, other things. “I comment Mora.

As insignificant as a job may seem, each one left Mora a rich teaching, and with the desire to achieve their goals I never miss an opportunity and challenge that it presented itself to him. It would arrive in 2013, the year that would mark Mora’s life, that was when life would begin to turn around. “Little by little I went into what I always I searched since I was young, to work in the world of sports and as a presenter and reporter. It was in 2013 that that dream began to take on even more shape after that I was opened the doors to be able to work as a video journalist and presenter sports weekend for Telemundo 39 in Dallas. “added Mora.

Erik graduated from the University of the Americas in Mexico City, where he earned a Degree in Communications; Mora understands that the road to success it will never be easy. Human sin will always be to judge the final product, without first take the time to know their origin, stumbles, blows, tears, and smiles. Mora knows of the importance of being an example for youth, and that education is the key to open the door you want, as long as you set goals and work hard until reach them.

“Prepare yourself a lot, learn from each and every one of the things that you have to do do in this life; put on a goal, a dream ahead, something that motivates get up every day and fight to achieve it. Keep in mind that it will not be easy to achieve goals that we draw, will not be fast and things do not come by themselves; must have calm, perseverance, respect those who have more experience and learn from all of them, respect them and give them their place. “Mora commented.

Respect and be willing to learn is allowing Erik Mora to live the American dream in his own way. And I dare to say that on Sunday in Texas is not wearing Los Tiburones del Veracruz soccer jersey, instead he wear Dallas FC soccer jersey. Dallas is the city that you gave Mora the opportunity through Telemundo 39 to cover two of the best sports events of its life as a journalist: The Rio 2016 Olympic Games and The 2018 Russia World Cup. “Without a doubt, the one that marked me the most professionally and made me grow was the coverage of the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro 2016. A coverage that I made as a video journalist and which was a very big challenge in my career.

The fact of being In Rio, Brazil and being able to cover the different Olympic disciplines was phenomenal. Was a dream come true, to cover as a reporter a World Cup, I think it’s the greatest desire of anyone who is dedicated to cover sports. The truth, I could not believe it until I did not see myself on a plane, I understood what was about to happen. Go to Russia, my first time in Europe, and with such great responsibility, to show the fans not only in Dallas Fort Worth, but throughout the United States, stories, reports and coverage of everything that happened during the entire month of the world cup was magnificent.


“Mora added. 21 weeks have passed since the Russia 2018 World Cup ended, summarize the Erik Mora’s story has not been easy, as his path to success has not been. Erik Mora summarizes his professional career in his own way “My professional path It has been full of ups and downs, bumped roads and others very well paved, but in each of the kilometers traveled I was able to enjoy wonderful landscapes, to meet people unmatched, pleasant, wise and others not so much, but each and every one of them have given me the energy and the drive to continue moving, believing that when I think I reachead my destination, there is always another city later on it may even be prettier than the one I am currently in. ”


I had the great pleasure of meeting Erik during my time on Univisión and Telemundo Arkansas and I am of the opinion that the success of our Latino brothers should be celebrated and imitated. I agree with Mora when he says “Slowly that I’m in a hurry” and “There’s no elevator that leads to success, you’ll have to go up the stairs.” Erik Mora; What a moment!




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