The Razorbacks suffered an embarrassing loss against LSU.

Tigers had Jabali for dinner.

75-54 was an embarrassment and humiliated loss against the LSU Wednesday night in front of 20 plus thousand Arkansas fans. There is Mexican saying that goes like this “of a tongue meat, I can eat many tacos” and that is exactly what happened. From the warm up drills the Razorbacks walked into Bud Walton Arena floor over confident and with arrogance. Listening to music during warm up, and since the SEC networks was broadcasting live some of the Hogs players were showing their dancing skills in front of a national televise cameras.

I always say in my days of professional playing, as long as you can back things up on the court, you can be arrogant and confident, but the way that The Jabalis played Wednesday night, Arkansas is not the team that a lot of members of the media are saying, a contender for the SEC Championship and a possible sweet 16 team.

Arkansas could not put the ball in the basket and from the beginning of the game, the hogs were missing shots and those shot were scored by the LSU Tigers. The 20 plus lead by the Tigers over the hogs it was something never seen lately at Bud Walton Arena. This was a horrible nightmare for the hometown boys.

Jaylen Barford scored 17 point in the game, but those baskets were not enough to bring the hogs back in the game. But we cannot blame everything on Jaylen. If for some reason the Razorbacks were missing shots from the perimeter, why not to attack the basket and try to get to the paint and look for other options to score? A simple question that hogs could not answer against LSU.

What is done, it’s done. Arkansas needs to move on and get ready for Saturday’s game against The Missouri Tigers who are hungry and ready to take on the hogs inside Bud Walton Arena at 5pm. There is plenty of basketball to play. 14 conference games left in the season and is early to think that the Razorbacks won’t make it to the NCAA tournament. The truth is, when Missouri walks into Bud Walton Arena Saturday, they will be ready to try to beat their ex-coach, Mike Anderson.

By: Carlos Chicas

Photos: Crant Osborne

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