Everything to know about primary elections in Arkansas this Tuesday

Why does Arkansas matter in the Presidential Primary Election, and what is happening here in the state the night of Tuesday, March 1?

All judicial races, including two statewide races will be decided in Arkansas on March 1:

The Chief State Supreme Court Justice: Courtney Goodson and Dan Kemp are seeking the seat now held by Howard Brill, who leaves at the end of 2016.

Supreme Court Justice for Position 5: Shawn Womack and Clark Mason will face each other for the position currently held by Paul Danielson.

Senator John Boozman-Republican is facing Curtis Coleman-Republican. The winner of the Primary will run against former County Prosecutor and

John Boozman y/and Curtis Coleman – Senador/
John Boozman y/and Curtis Coleman – Senador/

U.S. Attorney Conner Eldridge-Democrat in the fall.

U.S. Representative French Hill-Republican faces Brock Olree-Republican. The winner of the Primary will then face former LRSD School Board president Dianne Curry-Democrat in November.

As noted above, there are a number of county judge and sheriff races in Arkansas.

In Pulaski County, voters will decide on a .25 percent increase in county sales tax to fund transit improvements for the Rock Region Metro.

About Super Tuesday:

Lawmakers passed a new law last March, moving our primary to March 1: The “SEC Primary,” or “Super Tuesday.”

Courtney Goodson y/and Dan Kemp - Suprema Corte/Supreme Court
Courtney Goodson y/and Dan Kemp – Suprema Corte/Supreme Court

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia have Primary Elections.

Alaska and Colorado have caucuses; Alaska’s is a Republican caucus.

More than 1,000 Delegates will be decided in one night.

What about those Delegates?

There are 40 GOP delegates available, 32 delegates for the Democratic Party; five superdelegates available in Arkansas

Wait, what’s a delegate?

An individual chosen to represent their state at their party’s convention before a presidential election.

And a superdelegate?

This is a delegate who is seated automatically. In the Democratic Party, superdelegates are also elected officials.

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