Find a career that is recession-proof

Even though no career path is absolutely immune to economic fluctuations, there are those that can weather the ups and downs much better than others. Rather than find yourself on the unemployment line the next time government officials take to the airwaves with poor economic news, it could pay to get into a career that’s a bit more secure for the long haul.

Certain factors indicate that a career can ride out a recession. These include jobs that are in high demand, ones that require special skills, positions that continue to provide goods and services despite what is going on in the economy, and jobs offered by stable companies.

Recent statistics indicate that occupations such as retail, transportation, manufacturing, and professional-type jobs are taking a hit in this economy. But others seem to take the punches and bounce back. The following jobs are ones you might want to consider in 2014. • Sales and marketing: An individual who makes or saves money for a company should be relatively secure in his or her position.

• Education: Where there are students, there will be a need for teachers and administration officials to populate the nation’s schools. • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals: It’s impossible to turn back the hands of time and the Fountain of Youth has yet to be found. As people grow older the demand for quality healthcare and the medications that keep them healthy will be needed. Think about a job as a physician’s assistant. Managed care companies look favorably on physician’s assistants (PAs) because they earn less than doctors, but still offer the same general care.

• Federal jobs: Few federal employees are let go, even during a recession. Government jobs generally lose employees only when employees leave and are not replaced. Federal jobs often feature steady periodic pay increases and good benefits, which make them attractive options for individuals looking for stability.

• Computers: It pays to know the inner workings of computers and be able to program software or manage databases. Complex systems that require distinct skills will not fall out of favor. • Environmental industries: The green movement isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, say experts. Now may be the time to jump on board in the environmental job of your choice. • Accounting: Thanks to ever-changing tax laws and codes, certified public accountants remain pretty steady during recessions.

• Financial planning: Aging Baby Boomers need advice on how to propagate their nest eggs, securing the jobs of financial planners. Additionally, folks in general are looking for ways to stretch the dollars they do have a bit further.

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