Head to the table to enjoy a family meal!

According to 2004 statistics compiled by the US Government

(1), 56% of Hispanic females over the age of 16 are members of the work force. That figure rises to 66% for Hispanic females between the ages of 25 and 54.

Times have changed.

Nowadays, a woman is much more than a housewife. There’s work for her to do, both inside and outside of the home. And it seems like there’s never enough time for herself or her dreams. We want things quick and easy. And, in spite of it all, deep down we’d love to have the same amount of time for a family meal that were part of our parents’ and grandparents’ lifestyle.

Don’t lose hope. You can achieve anything that you set your mind to. All you have to do is change a few little things in your daily routine. Try to get everyone in your family agree to at least an hour a day for family meals, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It’s also important that you select a balanced meal from a variety of foods that don’t require much prep time. Here’s where culinary tips can become your best ally. That’s one of the reasons why MAGGI, in an attempt to help unite families, has gone to great lengths to help simplify elaborate and traditional meals with its high-quality products.

A product that was recently launched in the United States is Las Delicias de Pollo MAGGI recipe

mixes. With three different varieties to choose from, these rich powdered stocks are quick and easy to make and add consistency and delicious chicken flavor to your meals.

Previously available only in Latin America, you only need to add water or milk, your favorite vegetables (like tomatoes, carrots, peppers or mushrooms) to this product, and voila! Add the mixture to cooked chicken and 15 minutes later you’ll be able to surprise your family with delicious dishes like Chicken a la King, Chicken in Tomato Sauce or Oriental Chicken.

Without a doubt, family meals provide numerous benefits such greater and enjoyable family unions. MAGGI wants to be a part of your success, by suggesting the following practical tips:

· Stress the importance of a family meal

· Be flexible and schedule a time that does not interfere with your family members’ schedules.

· Save time by using kitchen helpers and easy-to-make dishes like MAGGI seasonings and recipes.

· Use your creativity to serve a variety of foods.

· Have your family participate in meal preparation: setting the table, choosing and adding the ingredients and spices, serving the beverages.

· Choose positive topics of conversation and refrain from anything negative at the dining room table.

· Reduce distraction: no TV, magazines nor videogames.

Bon Appétit and good luck on your journey back to family meals.

1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, Women in the Labor Force: A Databook

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