Hispanic pride: Alexius Dawn, your Trojan

This week’s featured “Meet Your Trojans” student-athlete is senior women’s basketball player Alexius Dawn a sociology major from Amarillo, Texas.

Little Rock opens its season November 13 at Tulane, and its first home game at the Jack Stephens Center will be November 18 against LSU. Season ticket packages starting at $99 are on sale now.

What made you want to attend UALR?

Alexius Down
Alexius Down

Really it was based on who Coach Foley was, his background and the success he had here. Coming here was definitely out of my comfort zone, and I faced a lot of challenges in coming here and I wanted to face them all for myself. Just getting here and being able to fight my challenges was important.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

That I am not really as shy as I come off. I can be hyper most of the time. Normally I do not like to talk.

Who is the athlete you most admire?

Derrick Rose because he fights a lot of challenges and he still comes out explosive. You can just see the passion when he is playing and in his rehab. I have never had an injury like him, and that is why I admire him so much. I do not know what I would do in his position, dealing with all the pain and being able to fight it. I don’t know that I could do that.

What is the best advice you have received?

Alexius Down
Alexius Down

Lead by example. I was just recently told this since I am not very vocal. My best bet is to just lead by example and do things the right way all the time: Not cheating on drills, going hard in practice even on my bad days, fighting through bad days and showing that I am trying every day and that I want it at the end of the day. Our trainer, Mike Neal, told me that.

What advice would you give to children just getting started in athletics?

Do something that you love to do instead of forcing something you do not want to do. Once you find something that you love to do, go 110 percent with it and have fun. I have never been pressured into doing something. My mom put all of my brothers and sisters into all kinds of sports and eventually she let us go and find our passion in whatever sport we ended up liking.

What is the best reason people should attend your team’s games?

We play hard, we practice hard to give people who come a chance to see what we do, how hard coach Foley puts his time into it and how much we really mean to this school. We try to represent this school and this city.

Ticket packages are available through LRTrojans.com, or by calling 565-UALR.

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