Hispanic students at UALR fear deportation

After the election of Donald Trump, international, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), and Hispanic students fear they’ll be deported.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock DACA student, Sandra Carmona Garcia, has lived in the United States since she was eight. However, now she worries the new president and potential legislation will break up her family.

“I’ll graduate in December with two degrees. Do I go back to a country I don’t know? Is my degree not going to be worth anything?” Garcia questioned.

UALR professor Dr. Terry Rashard wants to help these students with a back-up plan.

“These students have to be prepared,” said Rashard. “They have to be prepared for actions that might be taken against them, more issues with maintaining eligibility to go to school. They won’t be able to work, and it may impact on their parents.”

Discrimination is another issue he worries could lead to students not being interested in international programs here in the U.S.

Logo 1 bw color“If individuals feel that students aren’t going to be safe or could be intimidated or be in an environment that is hostile, they’re not going to send students to those particular programs.”

Rashard said there’s an uncertainty across America that needs to be addressed.

“There are no real policies, and there’s no substance of policy that we can say this is what he’s going to do. We simply do not know,” said Rashard.

Until a firm decision is made by President-elect Trump when he takes office in January, these students say they’ll continue to worry.

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