Joe Biden tells Latinos: Make no apology

Vice President Joe Biden surprised a group of Latino leaders gathered at a fundraiser in Washington, D.C. on October 6 with a passionate speech about immigration policy and the future of America.

Hola! 439 BIDEN 2At the event, which was hosted by the Latino Victory Project, Biden talked about how Republican presidential candidates have been affecting American Latinos. “People walked in literally down because of the beating Hispanics are taking at the hands of the Republican caucus. People are depressed,” Biden said. “And the message I have for you guys is these guys don’t remotely speak for America.  The American people are so much better.  They are so, so, so much different than these guys who are appealing to everything from homophobia to this notion of the like know nothing party of the late 1800s.”

Referencing his own Irish Catholic background and upbringing, Biden told the room about how xenophobia affected his family in America.

Hola! 439 BIDEN 3“We’ve been through these periods before, this nativism never succeeds. And it will not succeed now,” Biden said.

Biden, who is closing in on a decision on whether he should run for president, recalled a recent event he held at the vice president’s mansion in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The vice president said Latino attendees at the function were hanging their heads as a result of comments made by GOP front-runner Donald Trump and other top Republican candidates.

Sounding very much like a presidential candidate, Biden touted his past support in Congress for voter registration legislation aimed at getting minorities to the polls.

Hola! 439 BIDEN 4The Vice President also discussed how popular opinion and polls in America have proven that American are more open to immigration than guarding against it.

Biden further heartened his audience by quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, “no one can ride your back unless your back is bent.”

“Stand up. Straighten your shoulders,” Biden said. “Make no damn apologies for anything.  Just go out and make the case (for immigration reform) straight up. We will win simply on the decency of what we’re fighting for.”




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