Josema and Fabian Bazan living the American Dream with  FC Dallas.

Soccer reunited them after 30 years.


By Carlos Chicas

Photos: Walfri Rodas & FC Dallas


Soccer in the States continues to grow, and rarely brothers have the opportunity to work together in professional sports , especially in Major League Soccer. After more than thirty years apart, Josema and Fabian are living the American dream in their own way.


But how did these two “Pibes” get to where they are today?

“I came to the United States in 1996 to play with Dallas, and I stayed to play to finish my coaching career, Fabián was a physical trainer, I was in a youth soccer team and we realized that we lacked the physical trainer and I introduce Fabian to Dallas FC, from there he started the relationship, and now he is part of the technical staff of Dallas, “says Josema Bazán who is a technical assistant of Dallas FC.


“We come from a family where our father is a football fan, we made different paths, Josema was a professional player, I did not succeed because of the injuries. We are from a very small town in the interior of Argentina. Then I dedicated myself to study physical education, and from that point I managed to get to professional teams, we both took different path to soccer, Josema opted to be a coach and I opted to be a physical trainer, and soccer united us. I am grateful, and I consider myself to be a good physical trainer, “shared Fabián, who is the physical trainer for Dallas FC.


For the Bazan brother, they  lived soccer in very different ways, but what if it is clear that to achieve success as a professional player in the United States is different than in the rest of the world. In addition, the soccer player in the United State has the option of achieving a college degree through soccer, and that can serve as key to open another door if success as a professional soccer player is not achieved.


“Soccer here in the United States is very nice because it extends your career, here at the age of 20 players can make their dayview as professionals. Soccer gives you the opportunity to acquire your education and still play professional soccer, you can play four years in a university and you are still consider young to play in the MLS. In other countries it is very difficult, here with your college degree you have that option to be professional if football does not give you that opportunity. “Josema added.

“In 1989 I trained the my first team, I believe that in all ages football and education go hand in hand. The boys have to be told they can study and play. This world so global where communication is very important. Here players have a lot of resources, and if you do not want to study it is because you do not have it integrated. “Fabián said.

After many years separated by the different destinies and objectives that The Bazan brothers had traced, their working relationship does not affect in the absolute the brotherhood that exists between both.

“Our working relationship is very good, we discuss things like we do with the rest of the coaching staff, we know each other a lot even though we were separated for a long time. We are very close, the relationship is very good, “said Josema   “I think one of the things I like is that we think different, we do not think the same because we are brothers.

We have our differences that may exist because mine is inclined to the physical aspect of the game. But as Josema says our decisions are the same. We respected our spaces. “Added Fabián. Both Josema and Fabián had different dreams and goals when they arrived to the United States; their dreams and goals were achieved as described by Josema “I never dream of coming  to the United States, I had a passion for soccer, we did not know anything about soccer in the United States, when I arrived here was at the end of my career, I saw something nice in this country to succeed, today without being my American dream to be a coach here in the United States, but from 96 to this day,  I traced the objective, and I can say that today if I am achieving the dream or the goal that I set, from coaching in our youth academy to move the first team;  and today I enjoy it. ”

“My dream has always been soccer, we can develop here more calmly, and that makes it more easy, if the American dream is to be more successful, I think the US gives you that. The structure has a certain peace to develop the work. What we have is that we can coexist in a correct way. In other countries  as a coach if you lose 5 games you go, our institution allows us keep working with our projects and vision, then if that is the American dream then yes. “Shared Fabian.

Nothing in this world is easy, especially if you are an immigrant. Although soccer is brought in the blood, and that is not simply a passion, to the extreme that can be even religion, dedication and persistence have been two very effective ingredients for the Bazan brothers.

“We know that in this country if you work with honesty and talent you can achieve many things. I have worked with many children, the intellectual level is very important, I advise the children not to stop studying, the intellectual part is very necessary when playing at Dallas FC, players can make better decisions, the parents are very important, before we were playing soccer in in the street, and we learned from older players, they were ones taught us how to play the game.

Sometimes, we are not able to make important decisions,  but if we sacrifice, make efforts,  and persist; we can achieve our goals.  Today, talent is not enough to be succesfull. You have to trained, rest, and eat well, it’s 33% for each topic. If I have to give advice, this would be. “Josema concluded.

“Persistence is essential, the great minds of the world that have changed certain things of humanity, is the product of trial and error. Continually say, tomorrow I will do better. The great intellectual coefficients have not marked the ways of humanity. But the guys who have been able to grow with an idea and fulfill it; is the product of persisting. “Fabian finished.


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