Kate del Castillo claims to be the owner of her life

The latest cover of Siempre Mujer magazine features the unstoppable Kate del Castillo, a woman who wears the pants, loves her family and is living through one of the best times in her career. She is determined to live as she chooses.

The 42 year old Mexican star, protagonist of the Telemundo super series soup opera, “Dueños del Paraiso,” confesses that her only fear is that she does not have fears and that it has always been that way, since she was a little girl. “What sets me apart is that I do what I want and I don’t care what others think about me”, said Kate. Undoubtedly this is the reason why she claims to be the queen of her life, as she pleases herself and does not report back to anyone. This moment is not only an opportunity to explore life’s luxuries, but an opportunity to get to know herself.

Although she states that she has always been protective, Siempre Mujer revealed a different Kate at home, an industrious lady that likes to cook dinner when she has guests, that enjoys reading and going to the movies. To the surprise of some this alpha woman admits she is weepy and more fragile than many believe.
To all women Kate leaves a message “We live in a sexist society that teaches us to build out lives around a man and that love is sacrifice. But as women we have to give ourselves our place. Never lose our essence!”

“Kate’s determination and struggle, led us to highlight her in Siempre Mujer. Her own style, assertiveness are worthy of admiration and also reflect the personalities of many Latinas” said the Editor of Siempre Mujer and Ser Padres, Maria Cristina Marrero.

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