Mandy in a four way race for Rogers City Council Ward 1

In Rogers; EVERYONE should feel included.


By: Carlos Chicas


70% of Rogers residents didn’t live here 20 years ago.  Rogers is a growing city and the demographic is changing rapidly.  It is critical that the city leadership be representative of the changing demographic and making inclusive decisions on behalf of all people in Rogers. This is one of the many reasons Mandy McDonald Brashear entered the four-way race for Rogers City Council Ward 1 Position 1.

Mandy has lived in Rogers since 2006.  Like many people, she moved to Northwest Arkansas for the opportunity the area provides. She began working for a large retail company and over 12 years has advanced her career to her current role as a senior leader within the Human Resources organization.  Currently she leads a team of 70 people located across the United States.

Mandy is originally from Joplin, Missouri.  She graduated from Missouri Southern State University with a Bachelor of General Studies and a Minor in Speech Communication.  She is the mother of two daughters, Anna (10) and Grace (5).  In 2017 she married John Brashear, a detective for the Roger’s Police Department. Mandy has been a member of Keypoint Church for 11 years where she has been a volunteer and lifegroup leader.  John and Mandy enjoy visiting the Rogers Farmers Market, cheering on the Arkansas Razorbacks and renovating their own “Fixer Upper” in downtown Rogers.

In Rogers politicians view their opponent with a different set of eyes. In countries like Cuba where Raul Castro inherent his brother Raul Castro throne, or in Venezuela where President Maduro became the successor of Hugo Chavez Regime, The People call it communism, imperialism, and a dictatorship.  Not in Rogers. Out of the four candidates running for Ward 1 Position 1, Mandy is facing the son of a long time council member who wants to inherent his dad regime. Mandy said “Buddy Wright, Shawn’s father, has been a dedicated leader within the city and has faithfully served the people of Rogers and specifically Ward 1 for the past 18 years.  As a parent myself, I think it is a testament to Buddy that his son aspires to follow in his footsteps.  If I were Buddy I would be proud of my son for running – as I’m sure he is.” Mandy said.


The reality that Mandy is facing in the War for Ward 1 Position 1 is not different in Rogers that what is in other places. The City of Rogers is run by a small group of people who influence the rest of the population. A Perfect example was in 2017 when members of current Rogers City Council had the opportunity to make a difference in the City Council when they replaced a council member. The vacancy could be replace to reflect the demographics and growth of Rogers. Instead; The City Council and the Mayor of Rogers chose to appoint a very close friend of them to fill the vacant position. And that is the Reality of the City of Rogers and their politics.

Mandy bring as a transplant to Rogers is a unique combination that will be an asset to the city leadership team.  It’s not often that a seat on Rogers City Council becomes available, and when Mandy heard that the incumbent in Position 1 of Ward 1 was not seeking reelection, She knew this was her time.


As a citizen of Rogers, Mandy’s priorities is the PEOPLE, but she is aware of the needs of Rogers, Mandy believes that Rogers needs the follwoing: Build infrastructure that attracts businesses and simplifies the lives of busy families, Ensure police and fire departments are equipped and staffed to meet the demands of a growing city, and Foster a community where everyone feels included.


Mandy won’t take the Latino Voters for granted. Mandy is making progress and reaching out to the unrepresented Latino Community of Rogers to gain their trust and their vote for the upcoming election. “One thing I’ve learned about the Latino community is that it is really like a big family.  As I have met Latino voters they have been very welcoming and willing to introduce me to other members of the community.  I will continue to knock on doors and host events because I want to meet as many people as I can. Please vote!  Every vote matters especially in this 4-way race. Show up to vote. I can’t do this alone!  So I need your help to spread the word about me with your friends, family, neighbors and church groups, etc.   One super easy way to get involved is to like and share my @MandyForRogers Facebook page.” Mandy concluded.


Mandy wants Position 1 of Ward 1 on Rogers City Council; but this is a four-way race for this position. Her opponents are Rick Stocker, Clint Hopper and Shawn Wright.


Mandy wants to represent and serve you; THE PEOPLE of Rogers. The rest is up to you!

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