Margaritaville to Marijuanaville: Jimmy Buffett Launching Medical Marijuana Products

Jimmy Buffett is a well-known singer, songwriter, and lover of margaritas. But Buffett is now taking a break from the beaches and drinks and taking a dive into the world of medical marijuana. That’s right — Buffett is launching a line of medical marijuana products, officially branded “Coral Reefer”.

More and more people in today’s society are turning to medical marijuana to help with their chronic pain, anxiety, and other conditions. This is especially true with 98,000 Americans dying due to preventable medical errors each year. Going natural in medicine is an appealing option for people, and for some, it’s the only option.

This is part of why medical marijuana has received so much support over the past few years. And now Jimmy Buffett is joining the industry, working with Surterra Wellness to create the new brand of medical marijuana products. Surterra will be developing and marketing the medical and therapeutic cannabis products. The brand will feature products like vaporizer pens, oral sprays, topical creams, tinctures, softgels, and time-released transdermal patches.

According to Buffett, “That time being the long overdue recognition of the numerous healing properties of cannabis. I have followed and studied with keen intensity the recent evolvement of the medical marijuana story and the path towards [sic] the simple common-sense conclusion that cannabis is good medicine and should be made available to all who need it.”

And there are certainly a lot of people who could benefit from using medical marijuana products. There are billions of people who suffer from chronic pain conditions, like TMJ disorder, which affects 35 million people in the United States. And there are plenty of other mental and physical health conditions that cannabis products could help with.

Buffett is now the second prominent Palm Beach County resident and figure to sign a deal with Surterra, which operates 10 dispensaries throughout Florida. William “Beau” Wrigley invested $65 million in Surterra in August and even joined the company’s board.

And this isn’t the first the public is seeing of Buffett’s support for medical marijuana. In 2016, Buffett publicly showed his support on legalizing medical marijuana. And the constitutional amendment passed with little opposition.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Buffett chose to work with Surterra over other cannabis companies because the company focuses on health and wellness, rather than recreational use. And under Surterra’s marketing, “Coral Reefer” will be promoted for improving appetite and mood, alleviating side effects from chemotherapy, and relieving pain.

Florida’s medical marijuana industry continues to grow rapidly. In the beginning of September, there were almost 160,000 Floridians who had received medical marijuana cards. Buffett and other supporters of medical cannabis hope their continued work will help those who need it most.

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