Mexican Consulate welcomes the measures benefiting Mexicans in the US

As a result of the announcement made by the President of the United States, Barak Obama, on November 20 regarding administrative measures on migration, the Consulate of Mexico in Little Rock, Arkansas, held an informational event to publicize the position of the Mexican government towards the executive action announced by President Obama. “The Consulate of Mexico in Little Rock will monitor the implementation of this decision to report promptly to the Mexican community and continue to provide consular assistance and protection to all Mexicans, regardless of their immigration status,” said the Consul Titular David Manuel Preciado Juarez.

The notice involves the expansion of the Program of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the creation of a new deferred action program for parents of US citizens or permanent residents, removal and replacement of the Secure Communities Program, and initiatives to promote the integration of migrants and citizenship, among others. Consul Preciado added, “This decision will allow the increase of substantial contributions of Mexicans to the economy and society of the United States. Equally, it responds to multiple needs expressed by communities and will give greater certainty and security to families.” In the event, the dreamer Ana Aguayo shared with the Mexican community her life experience and how she benefit by the policy of DACA allowed her to perform her daily activities without the fear of being deported. She shared with the audience that she expects that the announcement by President Obama can also benefit her parents. This emotional intervention motivated dozens of Mexicans who expect to know in detail the process to benefit from this executive action.

Finally, Ponciano Albarran, who resides in the United States since 11 years ago, hopes that this policy can give him the certainty that he will be deported and take him out of the shadows of being an undocumented person to improve his quality of life and to not have fear anymore of being deported and leave alone to his 3 daughters.

The Mexican Consulate informed that it has the capacity to meet an increased demand of forms for consular documents to our community, which will meet the needs of the Mexican population at this juncture. It was also mentioned that accurate measurements will take place for the expedition of documents in order to benefit the largest number of Mexicans possible.

The Consulate invited the community to download the App MiConsulmex and call the Information and Assistance for Mexicans Center (CIAM) 1855-463-6395 in order to stay informed and not be fooled by lawyers alleged as immigration measures taken different periods of time to get going and for now there is no application or payment to be made to adhere to the benefits.

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