Mumps outbreak spreads to central Arkansas

The Arkansas Department of Health has confirmed a few cases of mumps in Pulaski County. There have been 769 cases statewide, and some Pulaski County parents are worried that local schools may be impacted like the three school districts in northwest Arkansas.

According to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the first step a concerned parent should take is to check immunization records. For children younger than 6, one dose of the MMR vaccine between 12-15 months followed by a second dose between the ages of 4-6 will be 88 percent effective in preventing mumps. Children 7-18 years old who were not previously vaccinated, should receive one dose of the MMRV vaccine followed by a second dose four weeks later.

“The key thing to think about with mumps is the classic symptom, the swelling of the jaws. If the parent thinks a child is having some swelling in their jaw area, they definitely need to be seen by their primary care physician,” said Michele Honeycutt, ACH Director of Infection Prevention

For more information about how to protect against mumps visit your local health department.


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