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IRS reminds taxpayers about “where’s my refund?”

The Internal Revenue Service reminded taxpayers that they can quickly check the status of their tax return and refund through “Where’s My Refund?”
This is the fifth in a series of 10 IRS tips called the Tax Time Guide. These tips are designed to help taxpayers navigate common tax issues as the April 15 deadline approaches.

Initial information will normally be available within 24 hours after the IRS receives the taxpayer’s e-filed return or four weeks after the taxpayer mails a paper return to the IRS. The system updates only once every 24 hours, usually overnight, so there is…

Legal experts: ruling blocking immigration action ‘deeply flawed’

In a legally sound and blistering statement made public last week, a group of 104 legal scholars and immigration law instructors signed a statement calling the Texas judge’s decision that blocked President Barack Obama’s immigration executive action “deeply flawed.”

The group argued that the executive action programs that would have shielded millions from deportation and provided them permission to work “are well within the legal authority of the federal executive.” Their statement was issued a day after the Department of Justice asked the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to free the…

Top Five Reasons to E-file

Are you still using the old school method of doing your taxes? Do you still mail paper forms to the IRS? If so, make this the year you switch used IRS e-file to file their taxes last year. Here are the top five reasons why you should file electronically too:

1. Accurate and easy. IRS e-file is the best way to file an accurate tax return. The tax software that you use to e-file helps avoid mistakes by doing the math for you. It guides you every step of the way as you do your taxes. IRS e-file can also help with the new health care law tax provisions.

2. Convenient options. You can buy…

Facebook could cost you a future job

Finally, you land a killer opportunity, pass the phone screen and show up to an interview with a hiring manager. Just as you think you are about to close the deal, she spins her computer screen around and asks you to login to your Facebook account. What do you do? This is common enough that it now has a name: Shoulder Surfing. According to Lori Andrews, a law professor at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law specializing in Internet privacy, this practice is “coercion if you need a job”. Not to mention the violation in Facebook’s privacy policy, albeit unenforceable.


Taking notes in the Job Interview

Job interviews are all about exchanging information, information about the job, yourself, your past and your industry expertise. At times, a job interview can feel like an examination. Better study.

There is also a lot to take in during a job interview. Since our school days we have been trained to take notes, to study them and refer to them in our discourse. It is the best way to acquire and retain critical information. You might be inclined to take notes during a job interview. You might be inclined to refer to your previous notes when answering questions. But is it appropriate? How…

Will Walmart pay raises spread?

Some big box store employees soon will make more money, and enjoy some other benefits, too.

The question now is whether that will spread. Beginning in April, Walmart employees’ starting pay will be $9 an hour. By February 2016, U.S. associates will earn $10 an hour, new associates will still start at $9, and after a six-month training period will earn $10 an hour, according to the company.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson applauds Walmart’s bold, new initiatives that would, in part, raise pay for all current associates. Other initiatives announced by the Arkansas-based company and…

Tax credit brings changes to your 2014 tax returns

When filing your 2014 federal income tax return, you will see some changes related to the Affordable Care Act. Millions of people who purchased their coverage through a health insurance Marketplace are eligible for premium assistance through the new premium tax credit, which individuals chose to either have paid upfront to their insurers to lower their monthly premiums, or receive when they file their taxes. When you bought your insurance, if you chose to have advance payments of the premium tax credit, the Marketplace estimated the amount based on information you provided about your expected…

Checking for errors on your taxes can help you avoid fines

For many small businesses, tax form filing season can be one of the most dreaded times of the year. But there is one simple step that can save you and your business headache, and money: double-check all reporting documents and deadlines.
While checking these easy-to-find facts seems like a simple thing to do, it is one of the most neglected actions among small- to mid-sized companies.

It is vital to double-check the information on tax forms for accuracy, while also making yourself aware of all year-end deadlines to prevent fines or other penalties. Going by what you did last year is…

6 Tips: Who should file a 2014 Tax Return

Most people file their tax return because they have to, but even if you don’t, there are times when you should. You may be eligible for a tax refund and not know it. This year, there are a few new rules for some who must file. Here are six tax tips to help you find out if you should file a tax return:

1. General Filing Rules. Whether you need to file a tax return depends on a few factors. In most cases, the amount of your income, your filing status and your age determine if you must file a tax return. For example, if you’re single and 28 years old you must file if your income was at…

IRS helps you understand the Health Care Law

The new IRS publication will help you learn about how the Affordable Care Act affects your taxes. While the health care law has several parts, this publication breaks down what is new for the 2014 federal tax return you will be filing in 2015.

This new publication provides important information for taxpayers who: Had health insurance coverage for the entire year, did not have health coverage for each month of the year, and purchased health insurance from the Marketplace. Might be eligible for an exemption from the coverage requirement, had advance payments of the premium tax credit sent…