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Hispanic entrepreneurs go Online for new business resources

MIAMI, FL — More and more Hispanics are dreaming of starting their own businesses. As the largest minority group in the country, Hispanics comprise nearly 42 percent of all minority business. By 2007, it is estimated that one in every 10 small businesses will be Hispanic.

As these entrepreneurs begin to consider placing “Open For Business” signs in their local town or home office, they are facing an all-new situation with tremendous risks. They have unique questions and concerns, but are often uncertain of where they can turn for quality advice. Hispanic entrepreneurs can now put a great…

Economical world competitive

In October from this year, there was a World Economical Forum where was evaluated the best economies related with competitive in the world, Finland won this evaluation for several years consecutive, for reaching at this goal, Finland proved to have a high quality of working in Public Institutions, they developed new technology innovations, as well as the impulse of process innovations for three years. Finland keeps the first position for completing these duties.

Next positions were USA, Swede, Taiwan and Denmark. For Latin American region , the ranking is the follow:

Chile is…

New EITC assistant debuts on

WASHINGTON, DC — The Internal Revenue Service unveiled on Friday, October 1st a new tool to help tax professionals determine whether their clients are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit. The new application is available in English and Spanish.

The EITC Assistant is another in a series of steps being taken by the IRS to maximize taxpayer participation while minimizing EITC errors.

“This tool will help tax professionals and taxpayers navigate what can be quite complex qualification standards for the EITC,” said Mark W. Everson, IRS Commissioner. “This is part of our…

7 of 10 Hispanic business owners want end to the “Death Tax”

WASHINGTON, DC — More than 8 out of 10 Hispanic business owners likely to vote in 5 key states believe that the federal “Death Tax” is unfair, and 71 percent say they’ll support candidates who oppose the tax over one who favored keeping it, according to a study released today by IMPACTO Group LLC.

The study released Wednesday by IMPACTO Group LLC, an opinion research firm specializing in the study of attitudes in the Hispanic community, surveyed likely Hispanic voters who own businesses in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico. The results found that opposition to the…

5 TIPS for Good Financial Health

Like a balanced diet, good financial health requires discipline, good habits and a plan.
For some, financial health simply means spending less than what they make. But for others it may also include saving money for retirement or investing in something that creates wealth, like purchasing a home or opening a business. Good financial health can include all of the above and more — and the following tips can help you get started.

1. Create a budget
Financial experts are the first to say it: The first step towards good financial health is having a balanced budget. A good first step is to…