Pathways Initiative offers free college to low-income adults

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Governor Mike Huckabee announced a new, expanded state program that will make it easier than ever for financially strapped adults to go to college. The Arkansas Career Pathways program offers free career training and college courses to low income adults.

At a news conference, Governor Huckabee said the program would directly help close to 200,000 Arkansans but benefit the entire state.

Huckabee explained, “the announcement that we make today is one that will have tremendous implications first for individuals in our state who want to go back to school…

AR public schools funding found inadequate

LITTLE ROCK, AR – In a 5-2 decision, the Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled in the re-opened Lake View case. The court ruled that the state’s public schools still suffer from a “constitutional infirmity” and that remaining problems must be fixed by December 1, 2006.

The justices did not order specific funding levels but said a $5,400-per-student appropriation approved by legislators in the 2005 session was not adequate.

The court also said money dedicated to fix crumbling school buildings was “grossly underfunded.”

The Arkansas Justices gave legislators and the…

Golden Apple Awards

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Gov. Mike Huckabee presented the Golden Apple Awards to the state’s top 10 academic school districts Tuesday night at a ceremony in the Governor’s Mansion. The Valley View School District won first place.

Iowa middle school science teacher named Wal-Mart’s National Teacher of the Year

BENTONVILLE, AR — An outstanding educator who instills a passion for science in sixth and seventh graders has been named the Wal-Mart National Teacher of the Year. Dr. Hector Ibarra of West Branch Middle School in West Branch, Iowa, was selected by Phi Delta Kappa International, a national professional education association, from a pool of teachers from all 50 states and Puerto Rico in the 10th year of the program.

Ibarra’s impressive track record of bringing science to life for young people was a strong reason for his selection as the Wal-Mart Iowa State Teacher of the Year…

Innovative curriculum to improve immigrant parent’s English language acquisition

LOUISVILLE, KY — Hispanic children are the fastest growing population in public education. The challenges for the children as well as their parents are daunting.

A new tool that teaches Hispanic and other immigrant parents English and strategies for helping their children excel in school is now available.

“Parenting for Academic Success: A Curriculum for Families Learning English” is a powerful study course created by the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) with a $225,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation, one of the country’s largest corporate foundations…

How do you create good homework habits

Making your children fall into the schedule they will have during the new school year seven to 10 days ahead of time is a good idea.

Life and studying habits start as soon as your children wake up. An excellent way to get rid of the morning sluggishness that takes over them when they hear the phrase “back to school” is to make them wake up 10 to 20 minutes earlier every morning during those seven or 10 days and make them go to bed earlier at night.

When you get them up you should remind them that the vacation will soon come to an end and that they will soon have to…

“I can’t afford college” and financial aid myths

College application season is in full swing. Parents and students are filling out forms, editing essays, and checking their bank accounts. Students worry about getting a rejection letter, but some parents may worry more about what they will do once their son or daughter is actually accepted.

There’s a lot of information out there—both good and bad—about paying for college. I want to clarify a few of the less-than-true statements you may have heard.

Myth #1: You can’t afford college or You can’t afford the college of your dreams. Many students and parents see the…

Little Rock Job Corps: Taking students to the next level

LITTLE ROCK, AR — The Little Rock Job Corps Center held its annual Summer Graduation Ceremony July 28, 2005 at the Philander Smith College ML Harris Auditorium. This year’s theme was “Taking it To the Next Level.” There were 93 graduates who were honored to receive their Job Corps diploma, as students who obtained a vocational completion certification, a GED/HSD or both.

Mike Beebe, the Attorney General of Arkansas, was the Graduation Speaker, and told the graduating class to ‘not forget where they come from.’ Additionally, the valedictorian, Constance Caldwell,…

Office Depot Hispanic Marketing Campaign Supports ‘Back-to-School’ Initiatives

DELRAY BEACH, FL — Office Depot, Inc. (NYSE:ODP), one of the world’s largest resellers of office products, continues its commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services to Hispanic consumers through its new, multifaceted “Back-to-School” marketing campaign.

“Office Depot believes every child deserves the chance to achieve academic success,” stated Julian Acosta, Manager of Multicultural Marketing for Office Depot. “This belief is reinforced in a new promotional effort that emphasizes our leadership position among Hispanics by communicating a series of…

Internet Access at Home Helps Children Be Successful

(CL) — How can you help your children have a successful start and improve their future opportunities? How can families find better product and service values? How can you stay in touch with relatives overseas? Every day, more Hispanic families turn to the Internet as a solution for these and other important questions.

Most Hispanic families spend little time connected to the Internet, but have quickly come to understand that it’s a tool that can help them improve their lives, as well as their children’s.

A study conducted by AOL/RoperASW this Spring found that…