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Argentina is bidding for a third World Cup

The absence of Di Maria, the South Americans’ most creative player after captain Lionel Messi, will be a big blow but the return to form of Gonzalo Higuain lessens the impact.

Higuain’s instinctive strike against Belgium gave Argentina passage to the semi-finals.

Latin America’s moment at the World Cup

The 2014 World Cup has become almost a Latin American Cup with guests. The Latin American teams move into overdrive on Europeans.
Fans are still celebrating Mexico’s stunning performance at the World Cup, but more than any of the team’s players.

Yet what the coach of the Tri has accomplished is something that just weeks ago seemed unthinkable: he has made a team of Mexican players considered the worst in generations suddenly believe in themselves. As Mexico enters the next phase in the competition when it plays Holland on Sunday, few doubt it is thanks to “El Piojo”, with his ability…

Is soccer becoming America’s pastime?

Which sport is America’s national pastime? For decades the answer was simply baseball. Now, the answer is football. But does football’s grip on our nation’s collective heart wane a bit as another type of “fútbol” grips the nation through the World Cup?

For many U.S. Hispanics, the answer is yes. Soccer has been a game of many Hispanic nations and cultures for decades, so it’s a natural extension to expect a certain degree of that fandom to transcend into these culture’s American lives. And while the National Football League’s Hispanic-focused promotions have paid off in the form of 25…