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Is soccer becoming America’s pastime?

Which sport is America’s national pastime? For decades the answer was simply baseball. Now, the answer is football. But does football’s grip on our nation’s collective heart wane a bit as another type of “fútbol” grips the nation through the World Cup?

For many U.S. Hispanics, the answer is yes. Soccer has been a game of many Hispanic nations and cultures for decades, so it’s a natural extension to expect a certain degree of that fandom to transcend into these culture’s American lives. And while the National Football League’s Hispanic-focused promotions have paid off in the form of 25…

Argentina 1 Iran 0

Argentina fought Iran until the last moment. Argentina will be pleased to have qualified from group F at the first round, and cheered by the spectacle of Lionel Messi’s superbly taken winning goal.

Colombia achieved a historic victory

The coffee grower selection had not obtained two consecutive wins in a World Cup.
For the first time in its history, Colombia can boast six points in a group stage, and may even improve that record, lack even to face japan.