Pitbull receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The musician of Cuban descent Pitbull has finally received his own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. After being an active player in the music industry for over a decade which include 70 million single sales and 9 billion YouTube views. Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, was also honored for the way he overcame the obstacles in his life.
When people talk about Latinos and know nothing about their struggle, they should keep their mouths shut, Pitbull said in a thank-you speech honoring all Latinos who work hard in this country and only look for a better future.

“We really appreciate the opportunity the United States represents, to be free, to get ahead,” the artist said, enjoying every minute and wearing a navy blue jacket, black shirt, sunglasses and white pants.

Very moved and on the brink of tears, which sometimes made him swallow his words and brought cries of support from his fans, Pitbull had affectionate words for his family and all who have believed in him. “And that journey being about our culture. It’s about coming from nothing to something. It’s about being the prime example of what the American dream it’s”, he said.

“Especially coming from a family that came to this country without knowing the language, they didn’t know anything…but they fought and always kept moving forward. But when people talk crap about us Latinos and they know nothing…they need to shut up,” he continued.

“To be up here it just goes to show what happens when you’re focused, when you work hard, when you believe in yourself, and when you go against all odds”. “And if there’s one thing I never understood it’s no. Losing to me is just another opportunity and failure to me is just another lesson learned,” he said.

Hola! 528 PITBULL 3Pitbull is one of today’s most popular singers with a mix of pop, rap, electronic and Latin rhythms, and has made a hit around the world with such numbers as “Timber,” “Fireball,” “El Taxi” and “Time of Our Lives.”

His star is nearby one of his favorite Latino idols, Celia Cruz.

Pitbull and Dominican bachata star Prince Royce are currently taking their show, “The Bad Man Tour,” around the United States.


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