Red vs White game with two promises: Connor Vanover and JD Notae

Eric Musselman welcomes Nolan Richardson and Eddie Sutton.


By: Carlos Chicas

Photos: Crant Osborne

Historical moment in the basketball of the University of Arkansas, Barnihill Arena was the witness the Red vs. White game and the fans lived it to the fullest.

The game had two guests of honor: Nolan Richarson and Eddie Sutton; the best two coaches in the history of Arkansas basketball. This two coaches made Arkansas a nationwide power, but that’s where it has to be; in the past.

The Arkansas roster was splited into two teams. Team Nolan and Team Eddie. Red Team: Connor Vanover, Isaiah Joe, Adrio Bailey, JD Notae, Emeka Obukwelu, Ethan Henderson, and Jimmy Whitt Jr. White Team: Reggie Chaney, Jeantal Cylla, Desi Sills, Mason Jones, Jalen Harris, Abayomi Iyiola, and Ty Stevens. Actually the way the teams were divided and the reflection of the final score does not matter since both teams played for both sides to honor the presence of the two basketball  legends.

The players who stood out during the game were Nolan Vanover and Reggie Chaney who finished with a total of 15 and 19 points. Vanover who could miss this season is a very interesting and high-rise player who could be a good piece for Arkansas, especially from the perimeter of the three points. Head Coach for Arkansas Eric Musselman hope that NCAA grants a waiver for Conner to play.

“Conner is a very unique player there is no that many guys of his size that can shoot the ball, he is a great passer, probably the neatest in shuch a short time frame, when he came to our camp, he did not talk much, when you talk a lot on the floor, th is the guy with a lot of confidence, Connor will continue to growth.” Said Musselman.  The first game for Eric Musselman and his Razorbacks is schedule for October 20th at 3 p.m. versus University of Little Rock inside Bud Walton Arena.