Rubio, Cruz and Clinton fight Trump ahead of Super Tuesday

After the last GOP debate before Super Tuesday primaries, a national group of Latino conservatives called on Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and John Kasich to drop their presidential bids “for the good of the party.” The group then endorsed Marco Rubio.

The group has refused to back Donald Trump and Cruz, and aggressively opposed them, because of their immigration rhetoric and proposals to deport the 11 million people living in the country without legal permission.

The leaders acknowledged that not all of Rubio’s immigration views are acceptable to the community, such as letting the deportation relief program DACA expire. But they said he is the best chance for an immigration solution. Kasich has similar views on immigration, the leaders said, but not as strong of a chance of winning the nomination.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz y/and Marco Rubio
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz y/and Marco Rubio

Their endorsement came while Rubio was holding a rally in Dallas after the rough and tumble CNN/Telemundo debate at the University of Houston campus Thursday night. In Dallas, Rubio called Trump a con artist and read Trump’s mean tweets about him.

The reality is that unlike in the general, a GOP candidate can win a nomination without huge Latino support, although in states like Texas, which carries 155 delegates, Latino support is more important.

Meanwhile, Democratic frontrunner Clinton, fresh off a convincing victory in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, all-but-ignored Bernie Sanders, her rival for the nomination, and turned her attention to the Republican field.

Starting her morning with stops at two Memphis churches, Clinton offered an implicit critique of Trump, asking worshippers to reject “the demagoguery, the prejudice, the paranoia.”


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