Tech companies move from Conway to LR, plan to add 75 jobs

Two technology companies announced that they have moved their headquarters from Conway to Little Rock and said they plan to add more than 75 employees.

Inuvo, a digital publishing and advertising technology company, and PrivacyStar, a subsidiary of First Orion, which provides services such as call and text blocking for cell phone users, currently employ about 65 and 60 people, respectively.

Hola! 447 JOBS 3In a joint news conference in Little Rock, the companies said that together they plan to exceed 200 employees within the next year, with roughly the same number of new employees at each business.

The businesses, which had offices in the same building in Conway, recently acquired offices in the Museum Center in Little Rock’s River Market District.

Governor Asa Hutchinson said during the news conference that technology companies in Arkansas will benefit from his initiative to teach computer coding in every public high school in the state.

“My goal would be not only to have technology education in Arkansas be on the forefront, but also to see innovation in technology expand and Central Hola! 447 JOBS 4Arkansas become a micro-hub of technology firms across this country,” Hutchinson said.

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