The lonely life of migrant women

Whatever the reason is, for a woman to leave the country where she was born and raised, make her detached from her culture, habits, friends, and most importantly leave behind husband, children, parents, or siblings it becomes a stress and oppressive factor for every woman who emigrates alone from one country to another.

In the United States there are millions of lonely women, whose daily agenda consist in going to work and return home, falling into a routine that gradually drowns in solitude and away from a social life, paying an emotional price to seek a better future for themselves and their families.

Thousands of women in the state of Arkansas do not escape that reality, but in the hearts of women like Kristen Musser, a resident of the city of Russellville and currently ESL teacher for the adult center of this city, something needed to be done.

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Kristen Musser (mujer blanca con cabello rubio y fleco)

She told Hola! Arkansas  that when she taught English at Arkansas Tech University, she met many women from other nations that were part of the community of Russellville and surrounding towns “they were lonely women that had moved to a new city, a new country, had no friends or they did not know many people and then I started to dream”  Kristen recalls .

In 2014 that dream became a reality and gave life to Women of the World (WOW) with the purpose of bringing together women from different countries to interact and exchange cultural issues, traditions, lifestyle, traditional foods and women’s issues.  Kristen recalls “our first meeting was at Grace Fellowship Church and Praharsha Reddy, a student from India taught us about the Holly festival in India and about Easter traditions in America, we were more than 30 women from 11 different countries”.  Since then, this organization brings together dozens of women of different nationalities 3 to 4 times a year, “the main goal of our group is the social interaction, Hispanics, Americans and women from other nationalities learn about the variety of cultures and traditions, and that as women we appreciate and respect our cultural differences and we create a friendship between women that extends beyond the meetings”.

Currently events are held at the Arkansas Tech University, “in the first meeting of 2016 we met women from China, Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Germany, Nigeria, Mexico, Central and South America, and along of these years we have touched cultural issues such as the celebration of Ramadan, Chinese new year and Christmas traditions in Ukraine, Germany Mexico and Central America”.

The next meeting of Women of the World will be held on April 24 at Arkansas Tech University with the theme of Iranian culture and Nowruz new year celebration among other topics. For more information and to attend join “Women of the World” in Facebook or contact Kristen Musser at (479) 968 5244 or

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